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Five Steps to Design an Engagement Ring-Make it Unique just for Her

Determine her Unique. With all the mass produced rings sold by the big boxes and chains, what should be a precious moment in a guy's life, presenting a unique engagement ring to the love of his life, is simply copying what is already out. What is unique or special about this? And yet, an engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry she will ever wear. And, it will be worn daily, unlike anything else in her wardrobe or jewelry box. And she wants it to be stunning, a reflection of you and your love and, of course, the envy of her circle of friends and co-workers.
Make it unique. Design it to reflect her personality and style. Imagine her reaction when you slip it on for the first time?
Does "unique" depend on the size of the diamond? Of course not. But, unique does depend on your imagination and effort to understand her and be creative for her.
Thankfully, it is much easier today than ever before to select designs and provide your own input into the details of a unique engagement ring. Rings Unique does this all the time. Rings Unique will work with you to make your engagement ring special, and that moment of presenting it will be unforgettable as well, a memory for a lifetime.

The designer handcrafted rings on present hundreds of splendid designs. And, most can be modified. It is easy to change a diamond to a sapphire, yellow gold to white gold or platinum, even have three colors of gold in the ring. We can change a gemstone setting from a prong style to a semi-bezel, or create a low-set diamond that works well for an active woman. Rings Unique happily provides sketches of your ideas or in some cases a wax or resin model to view first hand.

In addition to our designer custom rings, Rings Unique also offers computer aided design (CAD) which can adapt hundreds of design ideas to the perfect ring for you. With your imagination, our design capability on the world's most robust computer design platform, and the ease of emails back and forth, we can help you design and create the perfect ring for you.

Step 1. Select the Center diamond or gemstone. Then affirm the shape you want. This refers to round, square (princess cut), rectangle (emerald cut), radiant oval or cushion cut plus a few others. The standard gemstone is a round diamond but we also set round sapphires and rubies. We also use light blue gemstones such as aquamarines, blue zircons and a few others. Yellow or green are also fun colors for a unique center gemstone. For purple, we recommend a purple sapphire over an amethyst for better durability. For design purposes, the shape of the gemstone is the most important element because it leads to other design choices.
To re-cap, select the center stone, type-shape-color. Next we will concentrate on the unique engagement ring setting.

Step 2. Select the most ideal setting. Today’s most popular choice is a halo, a circle of diamonds all around the center gemstone. These can be a single, double or triple halo, easy to do. For our design here, we are going depart from the common halo by selecting a three-stone ring where the centerpiece is an oval diamond, about 1.00ct. The metal we are going to use is 14k white gold for the setting (head). We then have a choice of using white gold for the entire shank (the band) or change to a different color of gold. Notice that the center stone is a nice oval diamond and 4mm round diamonds are set on the sides. This three-stone setting design offers a low profile, perfect for an active woman and many opportunities for creativity.

Sept 1, the three stone ring.

Sept 2, the three stone ring.

Step 3. Select unique details to really make your ring unique. With this basic design, you could have some fun with gemstones on the side. You could select sapphires in a rainbow of colors, most persons would select blue but you could also choose pink or yellow. You could also select her birthstone, many websites detail these.
But, for this demo, we are going to select something a bit more unusual and unique for an engagement ring…an alexandrite, the birthstone for June. Alexandrites are multi-hued gemstones which reveal many different colors depending on the light surrounding the ring. Generally, there is an initial green to blue color with purple, red and fuschia overtones. Alexandrite has very rare color-change in a gemstone. Originally discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1830s, it’s now found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil, but fine material is exceptionally rare and valuable, sometimes more expensive than diamonds. Here’s how this would look.

Step 2, three stone ring with alexandrites.

Step 3, three stone ring with alexandrites.

Step 4. Confirm her finger size. This unique engagement ring could be your final selection and with the proper finger size, we could get started. But for additional uniqueness, we are going to change the color of the shank to 14k rose gold, a seldom used but beautiful soft feminine color on a woman’s finger.

Step 3, three stone ring with a white gold head and rose gold band.

Step 4, three stone ring with a white gold head and rose gold band.

Step 5. Final considerationsand order. Once again, the above ring could be the final look for a unique engagement ring, so pretty and unusual, a treasure to look at every day for a lifetime. But, there is one additional option, the color of the setting. This could be rose gold as well. This picture shows this version, lovely.

Step 4, three stone ring in all rose gold.

Step 5, three stone ring in all rose gold.

So, designing your own engagement ring is not difficult at all. Your imagination and conversation with Rings Unique is all it takes to begin this fun journey that will culminate in a one-of-a-kind unique engagement ring for the love of your life. Your extra effort designing her ring will be so appreciated when given and every day forward. You can always say, “I designed it just for you.”

Hence we stress the question, what is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

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Mokume Gane Wedding Ring-A Gift for Life

Once again we are thrilled to see the impeccable beauty of Mokume Gane, wood-grain style rings crafted in a billet of multi-color golds then hammered and folded back and forth many times to become a one-of-a-kind artful ring. The use of different colors and purities of gold permit a wide array of color palettes which are selected by the customer to reflect the best look on their finger. Of interest is that rings with these thin layers of gold appeal to many people and even to those persons who thought just a plain white or yellow gold ring would suffice. They are suddenly swept into a new realm of beauty with waves of gold.

The "C" mix, 14k red, gray and yellow gold with sterling silver

The "C" mix, 14k red, gray and yellow gold with sterling silver

This ring was very special for a wonderful man at the conclusion of his treatment for a health issue. What a treat to celebrate the cure of an illness with the gift of a timeless ring that will be remembered forever as a turning point in his life. This is the special joy of assisting customers with their ring selections in our gallery, meeting them first hand, exchanging stories and talking about plans for the future.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

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Unique Handcrafted Wedding Ring-Learn about Wabi Sabi

We usually think of engagement and wedding rings as highly polished gold or platinum and faceted gemstones and diamonds. Everything is shiny and detailed to perfection.
However, the world we live in is not all shiny, polished and perfect. In everyday life, things are not glittery or smooth, but rich with textures, colors and shapes that actually reveal the imperfections that surround us. But, we accept these imperfections as life lived and enjoyed to the fullest.
The understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of life "as intended" can also be called wabi-sabi, a Japanese term that celebrates the imperfection and variegation of nature and life as lived daily.
What if a unique wedding could capture this expression? It would not be smooth, polished, faceted and geometric. It would be natural and random, somewhat like the leaves on a pathway or the tumbled pebbles along a shoreline.

Autumn Wabi Sabi

Autumn Wabi Sabi


Winter Wabi Sabi and E mix Mokume Gane

Winter Wabi Sabi and E mix Mokume Gane

The above rings are actually called Wabi-Sabi, a reflection of the perfection in imperfection. No two are alike, each application of gold and sterling silver is a somewhat random effort to achieve variegation along with harmony and wholeness. Doesn't this ring remind you of leaves on a path, the look of trees in full color on a New Hampshire mountainside, the washed pebbles along a shoreline? This mastery of technique, form and concept is once again the superior work of George Sawyer, the most inventive designer jeweler in America. It is a privilege to represent his work.
Step back and enjoy the imperfections in your own unique life. Here is an easy to read and fun tutorial of the term Wabi-Sabi by Kate Cartwright. Another worldwide view is presented in this blog by Steve McCurry.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique

Hence we stress the question, what is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

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Gibeon Meteorite Wedding Rings, Cosmic and Beautiful but Finite

For many years, Rings Unique has been privileged to work with artist studios that specialize in rings made with the remains of the Gibeon Meteorite. This Meteorite fell to the earth in pre-historic times in Southwestern Africa in the country now known as Namibia. This meteorite is widely regarded as the top meteorite for jewelry due to its properties and highly intricate crystalline Widmanstatten pattern. Other meteorites exist of course and some have or are being used for jewelry but the Gibeon Meteorite is still the superior material for patterns and beauty.
However, it is a finite material. The supply will slow in the near future due to its rarity and restrictions on exports placed by the Namibian government. So, even if it is available, prices will skyrocket.
Rings Unique has developed many innovations using the Gibeon Meteorite for rings. In addition to lining this unique material in precious metals such as gold and platinum, we have also adopted non-precious metals such as Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Black Zirconium and even our specialty--Damascus stainless steel as the lining and edges. This unique version came about because a gentleman could not decide between Meteorite and Damascus so we used both. It is a rare and stunning ring and a Rings Unique innovation.

Meteorite Center lined in Damascus stainless steel.

The first Meteorite Center lined in Damascus stainless steel.

Top ring 7mm lined in Cobalt Chrome, bottom ring 8mm lined in Damascus stainless steel.

Top ring 7mm lined in Cobalt Chrome, bottom ring 8mm lined in Damascus stainless steel.


Often the most unique innovations result from an idea from the customer which we create into reality. See more Meteorite rings on our Pinterest pages here.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with

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What is your idea of a unique diamond engagement ring?

We have become trained from years of unrelenting Madison Avenue advertising to think of an engagement ring as a prong set round or square (princess cut) diamond set high in prongs on a ring with or without tiny diamonds in the shank. Today's look also includes a single or double halo of diamonds surrounding the center diamond. And, if this is what you want, we can design a fabulous ring for you.

I must also confess, the engagement ring for my wife was a high set 6-prong engagement ring as well, about 1.00ct. diamond. Even though this ring was presented (and accepted) over 40 years ago, the overall look remains about the same today.

But, does it really have to? What have we learned about unique engagement rings since?

The most important thing today in 2014 is that genuine creativity for engagement rings does flourish throughout America so a woman can find, design and wear a truly unique engagement ring that defines her own style and personality, is a show stopper when seen by others and is the envy of her circle of friends and colleagues because her fiance took the time and had the imagination to seriously search for a design that was uncommon and unusual...unique just like his fiancee.

We are privileged to help couples find and create the perfect engagement ring that separates unique from common, becomes an heirloom to be treasured for a lifetime.

Recently, local couple, Meredith and Serge, had the vision to create a unique engagement ring. She is a professional woman and he a professor. What a fabulous couple!

Meredith and Serge

Meredith and Serge

Inspired by the unique rings in our cases, we proceeded to custom make a two-tone-yellow and rose gold-engagement ring with a large triangle diamond. Her snug fit wedding ring in white gold added the third color of gold to her bridal set. How fantastic!

Triangle Diamond Two-tone Engagement Ring

Triangle Diamond Two-tone Engagement Ring

At Rings Unique, we hope the designs and options inspire you to imagine your own perfect engagement ring that defines who you are and what you will be most proud of as you undertake your journey together over a lifetime.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.


Do you have a diamond you want to use? Count on us to perfectly re-set it in a lovely new design that warms your heart and provides a lasting memory of the donor. Then, maybe you can pass it on later as well to someone else with the same romance and heartfelt love you have for it.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

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Re-setting an Heirloom Diamond is a Privilege and Honor

We are often asked whether we will set an heirloom or existing diamond in a fresh new design. The answer is a resounding YES. Not only is this a specialty of ours, we consider it a privilege and honor to be asked to do so. This is giving new life to an eternal stone, providing pleasure to a new generation and preserving the memory of the donor. Often these are diamonds from a mother or grandmother. It is so rewarding to help with these very special diamonds, it is truly priceless.

Because we work with independent designers in their own studios, your treasured diamond will be handled only by our trustworthy artists, not by many hands in a large factory. This assures careful attention to your diamond and precise setting in the new design you have chosen.

If your existing diamond is in a setting, we will carefully remove it for the new design. We usually recommend putting an inexpensive alternative stone such as a topaz or sapphire in the donor setting so the ring will still be wearable for you or someone else.

Meet Kathleen, a composer. Kathleen asked us to set Jason's Great Grandmother’s diamond. It was very lovely and in excellent condition for such an old mine cut diamond. She selected the Infinity design in 14k rose gold for her new bridal set.


Kathleen's new Bridal Set

Kathleen's new Bridal Set

Here is her comment:
Dear Tom,
The rings turned out beautifully!! I am extremely pleased with them! The rose gold really works well with this diamond, and gives it extra fire!
Thank you so very much!! Jason loves the setting, too! Please let your artisan jewelers know how happy I am with their work...absolutely exquisite!!
Thanks, again...

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Unique Engagement Ring, Simple is often Better!

Not all unique engagement rings for women need to be surrounded by diamonds or have diamonds on the shank, or have any modifications whatsoever.
Sometimes, less is more, just show off the center diamond in a plain white gold bezel on a band.
This was the case recently when we set a beautiful 1.00ct. diamond in a white gold ring....simple, organic, timeless and perfect.

1,00ct. diamond set in 14k white gold-

1,00ct. diamond set in 14k white gold-Simplicity is Elegance

This lovely engagement ring will be paired later with a Meteorite wedding ring for the fiancee, also lined in white gold. The fiance will also have a Meteorite wedding ring. Hence, matching meteorite rings for the couple.
Here, we have the best of both worlds, the riches of the earth--gold and diamonds--combined with cosmic treasures from the heavens.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it Rings Unique

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Unique Wedding Rings for Men--Classic Styles but Details add Character

With so much emphasis on seriously unique wedding rings for men on this website, it is also helpful to offer variations on classic wedding ring styles. The majority of men still just want a flat or rounded wedding band, 5mm to 8mm wide, comfort fit of course, not too flashy but certainly professional.
Well good news, we do offer Classic Designs in platinum or any color of gold...simple, traditional, historic and universal.
There are ways to enhance this classic look with different finishes such as hammering, satining, texturing and a few other techniques.

Unique textures on a classic wedding ring for a man

Unique textures on a classic wedding ring for a man

Beware, however, not all of the enhanced finishes last. My own original wedding ring purchased over 40 years ago, a simple 6mm rounded band in white gold, had a satin finish initially which lasted for about 6 months. Then because of daily wear, the satin finish wore off. So, I had it re-satined. That too did not last. By then I had learned that what is satined will inevitably become polished with daily wear.
But, this is no problem, it is your life on your ring. Wedding rings with the character of your life lived are always the best, no worries about keeping it pristine.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with

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Using Computer Aided Design to Create a Custom Engagement Ring

Unique engagement rings for a woman become even more personal when they are designed exactly as the fiancee wishes.
Recently, we had the privilege of assisting a local couple view and design an engagement ring on our new Stuller Counter Sketch program then see it become real with the process of casting, setting the center stone and finishing all the details.
What an experience! Corrina viewed many designs on the program and selected one she really liked. The original had a wider shank for a pear shaped diamond. First, we narrowed shank, then used a round brilliant diamond at about 0.80ct.
There are two photos, first the CAD design followed by the engagement ring in real life.

CAD Art Deco Design

Unique Ring CAD Design

Finished Art Deco Ring

Unique Ring Finished

Corrina loves her new ring and it is so her. Such a sweet couple.

With this new capability, it is exciting and fun to offer many ideas to find, design and create your own unique.

Hence we stress the question again, what is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

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Unique Man's Wedding Ring--The Best of Both Worlds, Meteorite and Damascus Steel

Unique wedding rings for a man with today's new alternative metals are a fabulous development, especially when the material is the Gibeon Meteorite, a 4.5 billion iron ore cosmic material discovered in Africa about 30,000 years ago. Supplies of this unique meteorite are dwindling and someday it will be unavailable as the material is finite. But it is the best look for rings due to its intricate crystalline pattern.

Gibeon Meteorite lined in Damascus Stainless Steel

Gibeon Meteorite lined in Damascus Stainless Steel first developed this stunning version of a Meteorite ring with a Damascus steel lining. Now a guy doesn't have to choose between a Damascus stainless steel ring or a Meteorite ring, he can get the best of both worlds. Combining the two alternate metals becomes a winner for a rugged handsome look.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

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