Custom Wedding Rings Designed Long Distance

Andrew and Kristen
Andrew and Kristen

Here’s the sweetest couple I have never met…in person.

Rings Unique specializes in custom made rings for couples all across the country, often working with persons only by phone, email or text. Such was the case with Andrew and Kristen, first designing and making her ring and later his mokume gane band. Their wedding was in Las Vegas this month, a fabulous event with friends and family.

This journey began last April with Andrew’s request to design and create a vintage look for Kristen in white gold with sapphires. By the end of May, her ring was finished, a real beauty. His ring took a bit longer as the mokume gane technique is more difficult.

Kristen's Wedding Ring, Oval White Sapphire
Kristen’s Wedding Ring, Oval White Sapphire
Andrew's Mokume Gane Band
Andrew’s Mokume Gane Band

What a pleasure to work with this enthusiastic couple and provide truly special rings they will treasure for a lifetime.

Whereas many websites produce designs without much customization, Rings Unique cherishes the opportunity to design rings with innovation and details as exactly requested by the customer. Communication is key to undersand the choices and ideas so the couple gets the ring(s) of their dreams.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Unique Engagement Ring Transformed

Alexandrite Engagement RingAlexandrite Combined RingUnique engagement ring transformed into a combined engagement-wedding ring.

Customarily, a woman’s wedding ring is a separate matching ring worn inside the engagement ring. Of course, many styles on show the beauty of matching bridal set ring styles for women.
But recently, a couple decided to enhance the original engagement ring with additional designs instead of adding a second ring.
The result is a masterful artful botanical style in 14k white gold and 14k rose gold berries with a center Alexandrite, a naturally color changing lovely gemstone.

This is the superior work of Constance Gildea, one of the top designer jewelers in America and a favorite of Rings Unique clients. This was not an easy project, the ring had to be completely re-made to securely add leaves and berries for lasting beauty. It is a masterpiece.

What a lovely solution to the client’s wishes, something only an artisan focused custom ring website could accomplish.

Graceful elegance in unique gold engagement and wedding rings is evident by this perfect craftsmanship. Each ring is a beautiful organic sculpture of leaves and branches. The flawless design in gold or platinum is breathtaking. How feminine, natural and impeccable. Hours of tedious carving and etching are necessary to shape and finish each detail and set the diamonds. These perfect rings are stunning when customized with colored stones. A simple glance at your beautiful ring will always brighten your day!

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Unique Engagement Ring-Custom Design

CAD Design Engagement Ring
CAD Design Engagement Ring

A custom designed engagement ring means so much more than a common mass produced ring found at most jewelry stores. Surprisingly, it is easier, faster and often less expensive than ever before to develop and create your perfect ring.

These days you can design your own custom ring with less effort than ever before. Rings Unique offers custom sketches by designer artisans as well as CAD (Computer Aided Design) images.

Here is a CAD concept that was one of about half a dozen that captured this gentleman’s fancy. Just to be sure, he also ran the designs by his future fiancee for a blink but did not finalize it with her.

His choice was brilliant. An art deco design with vintage details, the white gold ring featured detailed scroll work and natural deep blue sapphires on the shank. There is a secret blue aquamarine in the arch, just below the center stone. The center stone is an 8mm X 6mm brilliant white sapphire at 1.77ct.

Final CAD Designed Engagement Ring
Final CAD Designed Engagement Ring

What an amazing ring, and according to the gentleman, she said “it’s perfect, beautiful, perfectly her, the nicest and prettiest thing she’s ever had…”

With this kind of happiness from a custom design, why would anyone grab a common ring out of a case?

From initial contact to finished ring, it took just 30 days.

Unique Engagement Ring Blue Diamond

Engagement Ring Blue Diamond Tension Set
Engagement Ring Blue Diamond Tension Set

Unique engagement ring…you have never seen one like this.

The standard look for an engagement ring these days is a center diamond surrounded by a halo of diamonds on a shank covered in diamonds. Yes, we do these, sometimes with over 100 tiny diamonds. But, sometimes it is hard to tell one of these beauties from another.

A unique alternative engagement ring look favors simplicity, just the center stone in an amazing design. We were challenged recently to come up with a “Tension Set” diamond but on a band with the Gibeon Meteorite. He wanted a blue gemstone so we worked with a few sapphires. But, unsure of the durability of a sapphire in a tension setting, we switched to a blue diamond.

The result was an amazing ring that surpassed his expectations.


He said: “It turned out perfect, and above all she loved it! I’m very thankful for your help and service in making this a very special time for both of us.” This is exactly the result we want, a really happy couple.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Take a Look at the Rings Unique Factory

Diligent Craftsman at his workbench
Diligent Craftsman at his workbench

Meet Fred Pearce of Pearce Design in New Hampshire. Fred and Kate, a husband/wife team that represents the best of American craft jewelers, have been part of the Rings Unique network of independent professionals for over 20 years. These lovely people are the “Go-To” artisans for superior quality, innovative designs and fast turn around. Many of their seasoned peers regard Fred and Kate as pioneers in the USA’s handcrafted jewelry design network, helping young aspiring professionals following the path they have blazed.

Fred Pearce taking a break for a smile, loves his work.
Fred Pearce taking a break for a smile, loves his work.

Don’t see a factory?
Well, that’s because there really isn’t one, just a small solo studio that is virtually identical to many others across the country. This is how our designers work each day, one by one, to assist Rings Unique clients with the designs they have selected. In many respects, we are very old-fashioned, replicating a decades-old cottage industry when all things were handmade one-at-a-time, each one perfect, and signed by the craftsman as a product of their skill and imagination. This is a work ethic often lost in today’s fast paced and rushed world. Rings Unique believes a ring, be it engagement or wedding, should be the result of creativity, experience and devotion to making each customer happy…one ring at a time.

See What makes Rings Unique Different Here


Unique Anniversary Ring for a Special 25th Celebration

CAD rendering of custom ring.
CAD rendering of custom ring.

Unique Anniversary Ring for a Special 25th Celebration involved re-setting a treasured diamond, a specialty of Rings Unique.

The Story: Recently, a man was preparing for his 25th Anniversary two months in advance, good timetable for planning something great. We had discussions about a special ring for his wife. He mentioned that her original diamond ring was low on pedigree since he bought it while a student in college and now his wife was not even wearing it. He was contemplating a brand new ring and diamond altogether. I mentioned that quite often, a diamond’s pedigree is secondary to the sentiment it embodies, that magical moment of engagement.

Completed ring with original diamond
Completed ring with original diamond
So, he decided to enhance the original diamond with a fresh new contemporary look. We reviewed about a dozen designs and models but he was confused, not sure if his wife would like it. Surprisingly, he asked for her input, actually a terrific idea. Seriously, after 25 years, there are no real secrets. Finally they settled on a fabulous design, truly a one-of-a-kind lavish and stunning look that beautified the original diamond and confirmed that he would say again emphatically “I would do it all again, dear.”

Custom Designed Engagement Rings-Center Diamond and Alexandrites

Custom Design Engagement ring 1.00ct. diamond and alexandrite halo
Custom Design Engagement ring 1.00ct. diamond and alexandrite halo

Custom Designed Engagement Rings-Center Diamond and Alexandrites

A unique engagement ring is always best defined by the couple wishing to obtain it. For some, it is based on the size of the diamond, for others it is strictly the design, and finally there are those who want some pizzazz along with the center stone. So, a unique engagement ring comes in many forms and ideas.
Recently we were asked to design an engagement ring focusing on a round 1.00ct. center diamond but adding some colorful Alexandrites to enhance the design. With this as the assignment, we produced five designs for the fiancee, each with different concepts and looks using the state of the art computer design capabilities of Stuller’s amazing CounterSketch program. From this initial exchange, the fiancee could select her favorite and Rings Unique then follows-up to apply all additional details requested. The design pictured has an unusual non-traditional halo, very lovely, unique and stunning.
This customized service for each individual is at the very heart of our commitment to make every engagement ring truly special for the couple.
Rings Unique takes the time to create unique pieces of jewelry that leave a couple breathless and smiling.
There’s no better way to express your promise of love than with a unique ring. Custom-made unique engagement rings for women along with custom wedding rings mean so much more than generic or branded rings at a standard jewelry store and often cost less than their overpriced bling.
Rings Unique works to match design, diamonds and gemstones perfectly to make spectacular unique wedding and engagement rings, custom-made perfectly for you. We work with all budgets. We promise a custom ring that is special, unique and perfect.

A Life Journey Begins with the First Step…into a vintage T-Bird

A Life Journey Begins with the First Step…into a Vintage T-Bird

We have so much fun helping couples here in Austin or around the country with unique wedding rings, usually asking for a picture from the wedding. Our Wedding Album is a lively place, some photos are showcased on our Pinterest pages.
A great experience was to help Anthony (Tex) and Deb with their rings for their wedding last December. Such a lovely couple and a great experience.
Deb’s wedding ring was a 5mm Starry Night ring with 10 tiny diamonds and a 1/2 carat center diamond. Tex decided to wear his father’s ring, already a great vintage style in platinum and 18k yellow gold, but set with his great-grandfather’s 1.00ct. diamond dating back to the 1880’s. For Tex’s ring, we had to replace some broken sapphires in the setting and re-size the ring, quite a project really. Our appraiser, Ralph Mothner, loved the look of Tex’s vintage ring and provided much education on the history of diamonds from that era.

Deb's Ring
Deb’s Ring


Tex's Wedding Ring
Tex’s Wedding Ring

The rings were fun to work on but the highlight of the wedding was the party and the get-a-way car, a vintage T-Bird loaned from a friend. What a great picture and lovely couple–she in her cowgirl boots and Tex in his Stetson. Enjoy!!
wedding album_Deb and Tex

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Unique Handcrafted Wedding Ring-Learn about Wabi Sabi

We usually think of engagement and wedding rings as highly polished gold or platinum and faceted gemstones and diamonds. Everything is shiny and detailed to perfection.
However, the world we live in is not all shiny, polished and perfect. In everyday life, things are not glittery or smooth, but rich with textures, colors and shapes that actually reveal the imperfections that surround us. But, we accept these imperfections as life lived and enjoyed to the fullest.
The understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of life “as intended” can also be called wabi-sabi, a Japanese term that celebrates the imperfection and variegation of nature and life as lived daily.
What if a unique wedding ring could capture this expression? It would not be smooth, polished, faceted and geometric. It would be natural and random, somewhat like the leaves on a pathway or the tumbled pebbles along a shoreline.

Autumn Wabi Sabi
Autumn Wabi Sabi


Winter Wabi Sabi and E mix Mokume Gane
Winter Wabi Sabi and E mix Mokume Gane

The above rings are actually called Wabi-Sabi, a reflection of the perfection in imperfection. No two are alike, each application of gold and sterling silver is a somewhat random effort to achieve variegation along with harmony and wholeness. Doesn’t this ring remind you of leaves on a path, the look of trees in full color on a New Hampshire mountainside, the washed pebbles along a shoreline? This mastery of technique, form and concept is once again the superior work of George Sawyer, the most inventive designer jeweler in America. It is a privilege to represent his work.
Step back and enjoy the imperfections in your own unique life. Here is an easy to read and fun tutorial of the term Wabi-Sabi by Kate Cartwright. Another worldwide view is presented in this blog by Steve McCurry.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique

Hence we stress the question, what is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

What is a unique diamond engagement ring?

What is a unique diamond engagement ring?

We have become trained from years of unrelenting Madison Avenue advertising to think of an engagement ring as a prong set round or square (princess cut) diamond set high in prongs on a ring with or without tiny diamonds in the shank. Today’s look also includes a single or double halo of diamonds surrounding the center diamond. And, if this is what you want, we can design a fabulous ring for you.

I must also confess, the engagement ring for my wife was a high set 6-prong engagement ring as well, about 1.00ct. diamond. Even though this ring was presented (and accepted) over 40 years ago, the overall look remains about the same today.

But, does it really have to? What have we learned about unique engagement rings since?

The most important thing today is that genuine creativity for engagement rings does flourish throughout America so a woman can find, design and wear a truly unique engagement ring that defines her own style and personality, is a show stopper when seen by others and is the envy of her circle of friends and colleagues because her fiance took the time and had the imagination to seriously search for a design that was uncommon and unusual…unique just like his fiancee.

We are privileged to help couples find and create the perfect engagement ring that separates unique from common, becomes an heirloom to be treasured for a lifetime.

Recently, local couple, Meredith and Serge, had the vision to create a unique engagement ring. She is a professional woman and he a professor. What a fabulous couple!

Meredith and Serge
Meredith and Serge

Inspired by the unique rings in our cases, we proceeded to custom make a two-tone-yellow and rose gold-engagement ring with a large triangle diamond. Her snug fit wedding ring in white gold added the third color of gold to her bridal set. How fantastic!

Triangle Diamond Two-tone Engagement Ring
Triangle Diamond Two-tone Engagement Ring

At Rings Unique, we hope the designs and options inspire you to imagine your own perfect engagement ring that defines who you are and what you will be most proud of as you undertake your journey together over a lifetime.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.


Do you have a diamond you want to use? Count on us to perfectly re-set it in a lovely new design that warms your heart and provides a lasting memory of the donor. Then, maybe you can pass it on later as well to someone else with the same romance and heartfelt love you have for it.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Re-setting an Heirloom Diamond

Re-setting an Heirloom Diamond

We are often asked whether we will set an heirloom or existing diamond in a fresh new design. The answer is a resounding YES. Not only is this a specialty of ours, we consider it a privilege and honor to be asked to do so. This is giving new life to an eternal stone, providing pleasure to a new generation and preserving the memory of the donor. Often these are diamonds from a mother or grandmother. It is so rewarding to help with these very special diamonds, it is truly priceless.

Because we work with independent designers in their own studios, your treasured diamond will be handled only by our trustworthy artists, not by many hands in a large factory. This assures careful attention to your diamond and precise setting in the new design you have chosen.

If your existing diamond is in a setting, we will carefully remove it for the new design. We usually recommend putting an inexpensive alternative stone such as a topaz or sapphire in the donor setting so the ring will still be wearable for you or someone else.

Meet Kathleen, a composer. Kathleen asked us to set Jason’s Great Grandmother’s diamond. It was very lovely and in excellent condition for such an old mine cut diamond. She selected the Infinity design in 14k rose gold for her new bridal set.


Kathleen's new Bridal Set
Kathleen’s new Bridal Set

Here is her comment:
Dear Tom,
The rings turned out beautifully!! I am extremely pleased with them! The rose gold really works well with this diamond, and gives it extra fire!
Thank you so very much!! Jason loves the setting, too! Please let your artisan jewelers know how happy I am with their work…absolutely exquisite!!
Thanks, again…

Unique Engagement Ring, Simple is often Better!

Unique Engagement Ring, Simple is often Better!

Not all unique engagement rings for women need to be surrounded by diamonds or have diamonds on the shank, or have any modifications whatsoever.
Sometimes, less is more, just show off the center diamond in a plain white gold bezel on a band.
This was the case recently when we set a beautiful 1.00ct. diamond in a white gold ring….simple, organic, timeless and perfect. The donor diamond was of excellent quality with high grades in color and clarity, but it also had a beautiful cut and polish.

1,00ct. diamond set in 14k white gold-
1,00ct. diamond set in 14k white gold-Simplicity is Elegance

This lovely engagement ring will be paired later with a Meteorite wedding ring for the fiancee, also lined in white gold. The fiance will also have a Meteorite wedding ring. Hence, matching meteorite rings for the couple.
Here, we have the best of both worlds, the riches of the earth–gold and diamonds–combined with cosmic treasures from the heavens.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it Rings Unique

Unique Wedding Rings for Men, Classic Styles add Character

Unique Wedding Rings for Men, Classic Styles add Character

With so much emphasis on seriously unique wedding rings for men on this website, it is also helpful to offer variations on classic wedding ring styles. The majority of men still just want a flat or rounded wedding band, 5mm to 8mm wide, comfort fit of course, not too flashy but certainly professional.
Well good news, we do offer Classic Designs in platinum or any color of gold…simple, traditional, historic and universal.
There are ways to enhance this classic look with different finishes such as hammering, satining, texturing and a few other techniques.

Unique textures on a classic wedding ring for a man
Unique textures on a classic wedding ring for a man

Beware, however, not all of the enhanced finishes last. My own original wedding ring purchased over 40 years ago, a simple 6mm rounded band in white gold, had a satin finish initially which lasted for about 6 months. Then because of daily wear, the satin finish wore off. So, I had it re-satined. That too did not last. By then I had learned that what is satined will inevitably become polished with daily wear.
But, this is no problem, it is your life on your ring. Wedding rings with the character of your life lived are always the best, no worries about keeping it pristine.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with

Computer Aided Design Creates a Custom Engagement Ring

Computer Aided Design Creates a Custom Engagement Ring

Unique engagement rings for a woman become even more personal when they are designed exactly as the fiancee wishes.
Recently, we had the privilege of assisting a local couple view and design an engagement ring on our new Stuller Counter Sketch program then see it become real with the process of casting, setting the center stone and finishing all the details.
What an experience! Corrina viewed many designs on the program and selected one she really liked. The original had a wider shank for a pear shaped diamond. First, we narrowed shank, then used a round brilliant diamond at about 0.80ct.
There are two photos, first the CAD design followed by the engagement ring in real life.

CAD Art Deco Design
Unique Ring CAD Design
Finished Art Deco Ring
Unique Ring Finished

Corrina loves her new ring and it is so her. Such a sweet couple.

With this new capability, it is exciting and fun to offer many ideas to find, design and create your own unique.

Hence we stress the question again, what is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Wide Wedding Ring for a Woman

Wide Wedding Ring for a Woman

Unique wide wedding rings for a woman are hard to find, especially with so much emphasis on a large diamond engagement ring. But, most don’t consider a wedding ring to match when awed by the standard engagement ring bling in a jewelry store.

Garden Gate with diamonds in the vine curls.
Garden Gate with diamonds in the vine curls.

This is a lovely wide wedding ring for a woman, handcrafted in 14k white gold with tiny faceted diamonds set in vine curls in the design. This is the lovely Garden Gate ring from our Artistic collection at 7.75mm wide, how beautiful. The ring has three different finishes, polished edges, satin finish for the design and a matte finish for the base. It is perfect as a stand alone wedding ring or with a narrow engagement ring with a high set diamond. The intricate design is unsurpassed in craftsmanship, every detail is superb. What a lovely feminine wedding ring!
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Helping Same Sex Couples a Specialty of Rings Unique

It is such a privilege to get to know persons as individuals, not as “customers” and feel like you have become part of their lives and special occasions.
A few years ago, we helped Cynthia and Kit with their engagement rings, both princess cut gemstones in their Imagine rings, one a pink sapphire the other an emerald. Both are still look fabulous.

Cynthia and Kit, July 4th wedding by Uncle Sam in Washington.
Cynthia and Kit, July 4th wedding by Uncle Sam.

Then, with the easing of restrictions on marriages between same sex couples, Cynthia and Kit got married in the state of Washington last summer, what a happy occasion. Their wedding rings were not finished until later but how they loved them.

Botanical carved white gold wedding rings with diamonds.
Botanical carved white gold wedding rings with diamonds.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

The Epitome of Unique Wedding Rings

Unique wedding rings for a man and a woman seldom make it to the pinnacle of art, design and innovation as these impeccable rings by the master goldsmith, George Sawyer. Rings Unique proudly represents this most inventive artist in our gallery and online in our Patterns collection of Mokume Gane. Unequivocally, these are the finest hand fabricated rings in the world.

Winter Wabi Sabi and E mix Mokume Gane
Winter Wabi Sabi and E mix Mokume Gane

The larger ring is the Winter Wabi Sabi in 14k gray palladium gold with deeply etched fine silver and 18k yellow gold stepping stones, the ring to the right is the “E” mix mokume gane in three colors of 18k golds with etched copper.
What is Wabi Sabi? This is a Japanese term for the appreciation of the variegation of your natural surroundings, the beauty in imperfection. Learn more at this tutorial. More to come on this blog page about this unconventional method of handcrafting rings.
It was such a pleasure to help this lovely couple who appreciate the art and individuality of their custom made rings.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Wedding Ring with Colorful Gemstones

Unique engagement and wedding rings are more frequently using natural or cultured gemstones instead of diamonds. For most women, this is a choice of color over sparkling white. And in some cases, we have used multiple colors on the same ring.
gallery_imagine #3 gemstones
This beautiful Imagine #1 in luscious white gold has two emeralds, two alexandrites and two sapphires. What a unique and colorful combination. Of course Kimmie is an artist herself, loves color and lives in Switzerland. She said: “I got it in the mail yes thank you so much I love it. I really enjoy how the Alexandrite changes colors in different lights. I will send you a nice picture with it when I get chance. Thanks again it is so me.”

Kimmie and Nuno
Kimmie and Nuno

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Bridal Set in Rose Gold is so Unique

Bridal set in rose gold is so unique. Too often, searches for engagement and wedding rings focus on a bigger center diamond, a diamond halo, diamond melee on the band, the options are endless.

Wind and Wave, 14k Rose
Wind and Wave, 14k Rose

But, try something simpler. Just change the color of gold from ubiquitous white gold to rose gold. The change is dramatic.
This magical bridal set in 14k rose gold, our Wind and Wave design, has only a 1/2 ct. diamond in the center and tiny diamonds in the wave curls. Perfect design and balance in a unique bridal set doesn’t get any better.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Unique Engagement Rings for a Woman

Water's Edge Diamond Ring
Water’s Edge Diamond Ring

Often a unique engagement ring is defined by the size of the diamond, the number of diamonds on the shank, a single or double halo of diamonds around the center stone, and so on and so on…
But is this style of engagement ring really unique or is it generic? Seems to me these designs are commonly found in many jewelry stores and sites on the internet. The more these styles are found everywhere, by definition the less unique they really are.

In contrast, this unique engagement ring for a woman was recently finished for a local couple with a near perfect, but smallish, center diamond as well as tiny diamonds on the band. This is called the Water’s Edge engagement ring resembling wave curls softly lapping onto a shore. How lovely and feminine. This is what I call unique, unusual in design and custom handcrafted.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

Low-Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Low-set diamond engagement rings are hard to find because the common look is the “Tiffany” style mountings where the diamond is placed high in prongs on an arched ring such that altogether the top of the gem is 8-15mm above the finger. This style can become a nuisance because it is easily hit against objects everyday, damaging the prong setting, and it also can snag clothing, purses, pockets or just about anything in its path.

In contrast, many of the diamonds or gemstones on Rings Unique are low set, cradled in a round or semi-round bezel setting, where the diamond becomes a graceful part of a ring sculpture, easy to wear and enjoy daily.

Lg. Diamond Low Set Eternity Collection
Lg. Diamond Low Set Eternity Collection

Large Diamond Low-Set 18k Yellow Gold-Eternity

This low set diamond ring was custom crafted by the “Eternity” ring artist for a prominent professional woman in Austin, TX in 18k yellow gold with both a polished and textured surface. It reminds me of water flowing around a pebble, graceful and organic. And, because it is low set, this lovely woman need not worry about it interfering with her myriad activities every day. And, her ring is the envy of her professional circle because it is so unique… miles away from ordinary.

What is your unique? Find it, design it and create it with Rings Unique.

Gemstone Wedding and Engagement Rings-July the Month for Color

Increasingly, more and more couples are choosing a colorful gem as the featured center of the most important piece of jewelry a person will ever own, your engagement ring. Why?

At Rings Unique, we love to set gemstones in engagement rings. There are many blog posts on this page that describe the beauty of a gemstone and the unity it achieves with our amazing handcrafted designs.

Color is unique, color is bold, color is eye-catching.

A Gemstone Makes a Bold Engagement Ring

Also, colorful gemstones have natural histories, most are regarded as birthstones, and there are strong beliefs of their mystical properties that can align with a person’s individuality.

In addition, with a two or three stone ring, you can use a palette of complementary colors that will always stand out and remind you of the special bond and love that brought you together for a lifetime.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it.

Unique Gemstone Wedding Ring

Traditionally, diamonds are thought of as the gem of choice on an engagement or wedding ring and most of our rings on Rings Unique are shown with the ever sparkling radiance of diamonds.
Recently, an artistic customer from Switzerland asked us to custom make a unique gemstone wedding ring because she loves color, no diamonds please.

Imagine 14k white gold wedding ring with six gemstones
Imagine 14k white gold wedding ring with six gemstones

This ring is the hand carved and engraved Imagine #3 ring, definitely a favorite. It 10mm wide and showcases botanical designs like a walk through a garden. We call it the “Vine and Leaf” band in 14k white gold with 6 small but very high quality gems, each fully faceted, for a total carat weight of about 0.40pts. They sparkle like the sun’s rays on an ocean of blue-green water.
Our Swiss customer asked for the highest quality gemstones, two sapphires, two emeralds and two alexandrites instead of diamonds. These were top AAA quality natural gemstones, carefully selected by the ring designer for color, balance and beauty. The result is a painting as lovely as a Monet canvas with soft colors ever-pleasing to the eye. A glance at this lovely ring will bring a smile each time, and the warmth of its glow will never fade over a lifetime.
Her comment yesterday was “…thank you so much I love it. I really enjoy how the alexandrite changes colors in different lights. I will send you a nice picture with it when I get chance. Thanks again, it is so me.”

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it.

What makes a wedding ring unique?

A recent search on Google for “wedding rings” produced over 114 million results in 0.31 seconds. Whoooa, that’s impressive. Well, this should make finding a wedding ring pretty easy, right? Lots of choices!

Better load up on some Red Bull or Starbucks dark roast.  Then, a search for “unique wedding rings” produced about 13.3 million results in a fraction of a second as well. Fewer choices but still a daunting search lies ahead for finding a perfect unique wedding ring for you.

Here’s a free search tip: Most of these sites don’t really have unique rings.

Finally, a Google search for “custom handmade wedding rings” still produces about 3.7 million results. Where to start?

Before you start the search, think about the following and establish your priorities:

  1. First, a wedding ring is far more than an object of jewelry. It is your symbol of commitment and love to another. Unlike anything else in your jewelry box or your personal wardrobe, a wedding ring is worn every day. With such a personal piece of symbolic jewelry, shouldn’t it represent love to one another, your relationship, reflect your personality, warm your heart and become part of you?
  2. Second, wedding rings can be mass-produced by the hundreds, made wherever, and easily seen at mall jewelry stores all over the country. Usually, these are available in large quantities and only need to be quickly sized for the customer. For some, this is just fine but they are not unique, just an object.
  3. Third, wedding rings can also be custom-handcrafted only for the individual. This usually takes a little more effort than several web searches or visits to jewelry stores. Custom rings are best viewed at small boutique jewelry stores or galleries, at a jewelry artist studio, maybe a local art fair or on less visible web pages.
  4. Fourth, custom-handcrafting a ring just for you or your partner requires some introspection about who you are, your partner’s personality, some imagination about what you want and patience as you consider designs, metals and use of gemstones. But, for a small discriminating segment of the population, this is the only path to follow.
  5. Fifth, a “unique wedding ring” should meet these criteria:
  • It should be custom made from start to finish just for the individual;
  • Its design and craftsmanship should be of the highest quality, using the finest materials available;
  • It should be made in a studio at a jeweler’s workbench, not in a factory;
  • It should be signed by the artist;
  • It should be uncommon with design and details only you have personally selected;
  • Most importantly, it should make you smile, warm your heart and affirm daily your life’s relationship with another person.

Take some time to view hundreds of unique custom made ring ideas at Then contact us at or 1-877-907-9079 for your personal ring design and a handcrafting experience unlike any other.