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Unique Wedding Ring for a Man

Unique wedding ring for a man can take many forms from classic to contemporary. Rings Unique works in all materials including precious metals such as platinum and gold and now the new "Alternative Metals" such as Cobalt Chrome, Black Zirconium … [Read More]

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Unique Wedding Bands for Men-Meteorite with a Black Diamond

Unique wedding bands for men have undergone a renaissance in recent years, to which we say "thank goodness." Although many men still want a plain wedding band in gold or platinum which we offer, today's innovative wedding rings for men … [Read More]

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Custom Quote Request

Please complete the Custom Quote Request form below to tell us your ideas for the perfect ring for an individual or couple. "Custom Made" means you select your favorite ring from designs offered on this website; we make your ring … [Read More]

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Mokume Gane Wedding Ring-A Gift for Life

Once again we are thrilled to see the impeccable beauty of Mokume Gane, wood-grain style rings crafted in a billet of multi-color golds then hammered and folded back and forth many times to become a one-of-a-kind artful ring. The use … [Read More]

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Unique Handcrafted Wedding Ring-Learn about Wabi Sabi

We usually think of engagement and wedding rings as highly polished gold or platinum and faceted gemstones and diamonds. Everything is shiny and detailed to perfection. However, the world we live in is not all shiny, polished and perfect. In … [Read More]

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Gibeon Meteorite Wedding Rings, Cosmic and Beautiful but Finite

For many years, Rings Unique has been privileged to work with artist studios that specialize in rings made with the remains of the Gibeon Meteorite. This Meteorite fell to the earth in pre-historic times in Southwestern Africa in the country … [Read More]

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Unique Wedding Rings for Men--Classic Styles but Details add Character

With so much emphasis on seriously unique wedding rings for men on this website, it is also helpful to offer variations on classic wedding ring styles. The majority of men still just want a flat or rounded wedding band, 5mm … [Read More]

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Unique Man's Wedding Ring--The Best of Both Worlds, Meteorite and Damascus Steel

Unique wedding rings for a man with today's new alternative metals are a fabulous development, especially when the material is the Gibeon Meteorite, a 4.5 billion iron ore cosmic material discovered in Africa about 30,000 years ago. Supplies of this … [Read More]

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Wide Wedding Ring for a Man, Damascus Steel with Gold

With a storefront in Austin, TX called Clarksville Gallery and a nationwide ring website called we have the opportunity to visit with men searching for a wedding ring. Sometimes, a guy's fiancee helps out or is the scout for … [Read More]

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The Epitome of Unique Wedding Rings

Unique wedding rings for a man and a woman seldom make it to the pinnacle of art, design and innovation as these impeccable rings by the master goldsmith, George Sawyer. Rings Unique proudly represents this most inventive artist in our … [Read More]

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