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Damascus Stainless Steel Wedding Rings–Many Designs Each Custom Made for You

Nontraditional Wedding Rings Handcrafted Using Damascus Steel

Today, some wedding rings are made from alternative high performance metals such as tungsten and titanium. While these might classify as nontraditional wedding rings, most are not artful or unique.

In contrast, our unique wedding rings for men and women are made from Damascus stainless steel, each hand-forged, some with as many as 50 layers in one-of-a-kind patterns. No two rings are alike. This is metal crafting at the highest level and expertise, truly non-traditional and unusual wedding bands in alternative metals at their finest.

Damascus steel has its origins from the Medieval period and refers to a type of metal crafting used in sword making.  These swords have  distinctive patterns of layering and banding resembling water flowing over a flat surface. The blades were stronger and sharper than traditional swords and resistant to shattering. Sometimes the patterns were specific to a clan or tribe in that culture.

Today, Damascus wedding rings are made with stainless steel and will never rust or corrode. Each unique ring is a one-of-a-kind beauty with unique folds and curves of metal. That is why Damascus is a great choice for his and her wedding bands, while also being perfect as a stand alone rugged wedding ring for a man.

Often we make matching rings for a couple, each in a different millimeter width. Variations can include adding stripes of silver, gold or platinum. Also, these rings look great when lined in Black Zirconium or Cobalt Chrome.