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Unique Imaginative Rings with Leaves and Branches, Organic Rings Inspired by Nature


Diamond elegance on custom crafted platinum or gold engagement and wedding rings is evident by this perfect craftsmanship. Each beautiful ring is an organic sculpture of leaves and branches with surprises of diamonds, much like sunshine during the day or stars on a moonlight night.

Custom Sapphire Ring
Imagine Custom Sapphire

The wedding ring design is breathtaking. How feminine, natural and impeccable. Hours of tedious carving, engraving and etching are necessary to shape and finish each detail, hand settingĀ  diamond. These unique rings are also stunning when customized with colored stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and even opals. See the recent blog post showcasing colorful gemstones. A simple glance at your beautiful ring will always brighten your day!

This is perfection in wedding ring craftsmanship, each ring a unique design, a treasure of beauty in a world of commonplace, ordinary and generic rings. What is more romantic than seeing the stars and moon through leaves and branches on an autumn night, sitting on a bench together, deeply in love? These rings are a daily reminder of that romance and devotion to each other.

Imagine #16 with Sapphire