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Mastery: Custom Made Rings by a European Trained and Certified Master Goldsmith

In Europe, a Master Goldsmith certification is awarded by a committee of experienced Masters after years of extensive learning and testing. This is the highest level that one can receive, a distinction not offered anywhere else in the world. In the USA, programs and training for jewelry making are much less strenuous and an apprenticeship system does not exist.

Rings Unique in Austin, Texas is privileged to have a Master Goldsmith working on our behalf. He cold forges each ring, meaning that every ring is completely handcrafted from a solid piece of gold or platinum — carved-extruded-hammered-shaped-sanded-polished- – never using a model, mold or die. It is jewelry making at its hardest… and its finest. This method compresses metal, making it harder than the original piece, thus ensuring a lifetime heirloom ring.

In this collection, simplicity is beauty. A small diamond or sapphire is selected to complement – not dominate – the exquisite craftsmanship. There is a uniquely solid feel to rings crafted in this manner, a softness and unmistakable quality that does not exist in any another process. The result is a custom one-of-a-kind wedding or engagement ring.

With this collection, you can truly design your own engagement or wedding ring. We can work with sketches, images from other sites modified to your ideas, photos of rings you like. The result will be perfection in a custom ring. Nothing is impossible! Check our this amazing beauty and the blog I wrote about in on October 7, 2011.

Triple arched crown, 56 diamond melee, 1.00ct. oval center