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Meteorite Wedding Rings–The 4.5B Year-Old Gibeon Meteorite Lined in Gold, Platinum or Alternative Metals

Meteorite Wedding Rings

Diamond halo-1.75ct. Sapphire on Meteorite-18kw band.
Top Cobalt Chrome
Mid Black Zirconium
Bot Titanium

Unusual wedding rings for men or women, crafted with the remains of a four-billion-year-old iron-ore meteorite, lined in platinum, gold or new “performance” metals. The random striations on the seamless circle of meteorite are called the Widmanstatten pattern.  Each wedding ring is a unique one-of-a-kind beauty. The striated patterns resulted from the cooling of the molten iron ore meteoroid at the rate of 1 degree every thousand years. These custom made rings are truly cosmic, a treasure from near the beginning of time, become your piece of the universe and a symbol of your eternal commitment to another.

The Meteorite that is used in these unusual wedding rings is the Gibeon meteorite, discovered in the 1800′s in what is now Namibia on the Southeastern African continent. While most of the meteorite has been preserved for science, fragments are still being found today. It is mostly iron ore with nickel, preventing it from rusting. Its natural gray patina against a gold, platinum, cobalt chrome or black zirconium lining is a rare combination of treasure from the earth and a gift from the heavens.

Read more about the Gibeon meteorite at this link:

In addition to our fabulous Meteorite rings, we recently acquired watches made with a meteorite watch face, super cool. Take a look and use the “Contact Us” page to inquire and get pictures, information and prices. These are very limited.