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Mokume Gane on Alternative Metals: Cobalt Chrome, Titanium, Black Zirconium and Damascus

Mokume Gane is the folding of precious metals made in a billet, never cast in a mold. This very difficult technique is descendant from the ancient Japanese art of fusing layers of metal for Samurai swords.

Picture a piece of plywood but instead of wood, imagine multiple layers of gold, folded over and over, curved and fused to reveal the unique patterns of intricate precious metal lamination. The “Patterns” collection on the first row is the finest mokume gane in the world, still being made by the founder of this art form in America over 30 years ago.

This collection also features a new unusual mokume rings on a lining of black zirconium, titanium or cobalt chrome– innovations resulting in a graceful but durable ring.

Mokume looks simple in fabrication, maybe like painting a swirl on a metal surface. However, the technique is extremely difficult since the layers of metal are completely hand fabricated. These become more intriguing with each year, a fingerprint of a person’s life on their ring.