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Patterned Metal Working: Mokume-Gane "Wood Grain Metal" The World's Finest

Mokume Gane means wood grain metal in Japanese. Inspired by the patterned metalworking techniques originating in Samurai sword making centuries ago, these unique and unusual wedding rings become art of amazing beauty and durability. The graceful curves and folds of 25 layers of gold, sterling silver and etched copper are one-of-a-kind for each ring.

Worn daily, these unique wedding rings for men and women take on the characteristics of the life lived, aging gracefully over the years as more texture, curves and colors are revealed in the gold patterns. These are rings that reveal the character your life, totally unique, your life revealed on your ring.

Mirror Image rings in #2 are created from the same folded billet of gold, resulting in identical one-of-a-kind matching gold wedding rings, never to be duplicated. How perfect as a symbol of lifelong devotion to each other! The Mirror Image rings can be crafted in any mix of gold colors. There are twelve different combinations of colors for the rings, perfect for each unique individual. The options are limitless with color combinations and many variations setting diamonds, sapphires or rubies.