What makes a wedding ring unique?

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August 12, 2012
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July 20, 2013
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A recent search on Google for “wedding rings” produced over 114 million results in 0.31 seconds. Whoooa, that’s impressive. Well, this should make finding a wedding ring pretty easy, right? Lots of choices!

Better load up on some Red Bull or Starbucks dark roast.  Then, a search for “unique wedding rings” produced about 13.3 million results in a fraction of a second as well. Fewer choices but still a daunting search lies ahead for finding a perfect unique wedding ring for you.

Here’s a free search tip: Most of these sites don’t really have unique rings.

Finally, a Google search for “custom handmade wedding rings” still produces about 3.7 million results. Where to start?

Before you start the search, think about the following and establish your priorities:

  1. First, a wedding ring is far more than an object of jewelry. It is your symbol of commitment and love to another. Unlike anything else in your jewelry box or your personal wardrobe, a wedding ring is worn every day. With such a personal piece of symbolic jewelry, shouldn’t it represent love to one another, your relationship, reflect your personality, warm your heart and become part of you?
  2. Second, wedding rings can be mass-produced by the hundreds, made wherever, and easily seen at mall jewelry stores all over the country. Usually, these are available in large quantities and only need to be quickly sized for the customer. For some, this is just fine but they are not unique, just an object.
  3. Third, wedding rings can also be custom-handcrafted only for the individual. This usually takes a little more effort than several web searches or visits to jewelry stores. Custom rings are best viewed at small boutique jewelry stores or galleries, at a jewelry artist studio, maybe a local art fair or on less visible web pages.
  4. Fourth, custom-handcrafting a ring just for you or your partner requires some introspection about who you are, your partner’s personality, some imagination about what you want and patience as you consider designs, metals and use of gemstones. But, for a small discriminating segment of the population, this is the only path to follow.
  5. Fifth, a “unique wedding ring” should meet these criteria:
  • It should be custom made from start to finish just for the individual;
  • Its design and craftsmanship should be of the highest quality, using the finest materials available;
  • It should be made in a studio at a jeweler’s workbench, not in a factory;
  • It should be signed by the artist;
  • It should be uncommon with design and details only you have personally selected;
  • Most importantly, it should make you smile, warm your heart and affirm daily your life’s relationship with another person.

Take some time to view hundreds of unique custom made ring ideas at www.ringsunique.com Then contact us at rings@ringsunique.com or 1-877-907-9079 for your personal ring design and a handcrafting experience unlike any other.