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Style Custom Designed Rings, Two-Tone Wedding Rings with Diamonds and Gemstones

Unique contemporary wedding and engagement rings are actually your own creation because you select your favorite components for a complete ring. First, select the main center design in any color of gold and texture, second, add rims in a contrasting colors or finishes. Special details could include a polished curve highlighting a matte finish, yellow gold rims contrasting a white gold design, and rounded rims softly framing sharp architectural steps and angles. What is your unique? Design it here!

Sparkling diamonds in #3 and #4 add spice and surprise. My personal favorite for a guy is the #8 Arches center band framed by different colored rims.

The stacking bridal set in #5 is daring but so unique. The fun and challenge is selecting your own components to make your own unique artistic design.

The Gingko leaf rings in #12 are absolutely perfect, symbolic as well. The Gingko tree is a living fossil, dating back as far as 270 million years, native to China. There are no known similar species or relatives of this ancient tree. It is the national tree of China and is the official tree of the Japanese capital of Tokyo…the symbol of Tokyo is a ginkgo leaf.