Wedding Ring Testimonials

Lisa, GA
…the rings on your site are magnificent. They’re so beautiful and reflect the obvious skill and craftsmanship you must place into each ring.

Michelle, CA
Thank you…these are neat rings.

Martha, FL
Your designs are stunning and beautiful!

Colin, TN
Yes, she loves it, perfect fit. Thank you.

Jennifer, IL
They [the rings] are wonderful!! They fit like a dream and I couldn’t be any more happy! Thank you so much for all your help, I will be posting rave reviews on all the online sites I can find. You have been great to deal with Tom and I’m so pleased. Again, thank you for everything.

Harold, HI
Bear with me if I am just replying right now for we have been celebrating since I popped the “question” if you know what I mean. It was one of those priceless moments. She just loved it. The ring was so perfect and really exceeded my expectations. With every single detail that I have imagined on the ring and just like what you have said it really did blow my socks off. From the picking and recommending the right stone down to the every single detail I mean I am talking about the every tiny intricate detail and of course meeting the deadline. I am just amazed about attention to detail you guys put on that ring. You guys really put that art and beauty on the ring and best of all I just love simplicity and uniqueness. To tell you the truth the reason why I chose you guys to do the ring is because I have been searching for a website that provide same service including those name brand ones and none of them really caught my eye. They either just a bling or pricey. But yours is just different and the service that you provided to me and the confidence is just one of those things that set you apart from them. I would really recommend your services to anybody.

Elizabeth, CA
I received my beautiful rings today. I am thoroughly impressed. The craftsmanship is superb. It truly has been an honor working with you and your team of artists. Thank you so much and I will be doing business with you again soon.

John, PA
We got the ring last week! We love it! Love it! Love it! It is definitely the most unique we have seen. Thanks so much. It was even more awesome than the pic!

Randy, OR
Congratulations on a very nice web site. We are very pleased with the rings. D is now wearing a real engagement ring and liking it very much. Thank you it has been nice doing business with you.

Darby (Randy’s wife), OR
Thought I’d put my two-cents-worth in. The rings exceeded my expectations. They are wonderfully done and I feel we have “unique” rings for our lifetime. The diamond is beautiful and the cut and setting work very well. I’m not an expert by any stretch when it comes to diamonds but even without that expertise it’s easy to see the quality of the stone. Thank you again, I’ll be more than happy to recommend Rings Unique to others.

We are back home now and wanted to write you right away! Our rings were just fabulous. Although we basically purchased them sight unseen, we are very happy and elated at the quality, design and customization. The palladium is simply beautiful. I hope to send pictures in the next week or two. Our special weekend was precious.

G. is my partner. We are both in our 50′s. This has been a big step for both of us and our rings symbolize our care and commitment to one another. We wanted the palladium, as we knew it would last more than a lifetime.

Thank you for your guidance and suggestions. You were a pivotal element in our happiness with our rings.

Kerry, WA
Your skill and design work are simply the best! You have captured our imagination of what our rings should be and crafted it into a lifetime of symbolism. The metal is gorgeous and just everything about the design, landscape and placement of the diamonds was perfection. You have an awesome talent! Thank you.

The rings just came. They look absolutely gorgeous! We love how elegant and detailed they are! The craftsmanship is excellent! You can even see the veins of the leaves on the inside of the rings! And the rubies are just breathtaking! They seem to give the rings even more life and uniqueness!

We cannot thank you enough for creating these perfect pieces that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We also thank you for working with us on such a tight time frame, for your expert advice, and for your professionalism.

Shaohua & Molly, NY
We are extremely happy with these rings! Thank you!

Graeme, CA
I am writing to thank you and the team at Clarksville Pottery & Galleries for the exceptional service and kindness you have shown me. It seems increasingly rare these days that such sincerity, honesty and generosity finds its way into our lives, but you are an exception. Thank you so much for going several extra miles to help ensure that our Wedding Day (arranged, as you know, with some unexpected urgency) went off perfectly.

Kelly, GA
Just wanted to let you know that the Meteorite ring arrived safely today. The ring is gorgeous & I’m absolutely delighted with it. The engraving is perfect. I can’t wait to surprise my friend with it on his birthday on June 24th. I could not have found a more stunning & unique gift. Thanks so much for all your help & for doing such a fantastic job.

Linda, WA
Yes, he really likes the ring. Those I’ve shown it to also love the ring. It is unlike anything anyone here has ever seen. I’m glad we went with our instincts and purchased it sight unseen.

I absolutely love it! Sliding the ring on my finger, I wish that you could see just how perfect it is. To have been able to achieve such a beautifully simple, yet powerful symbol of Mike’s and my love for one another will be forever cherished. To say “thank you” doesn’t even come close. With the greatest appreciation.

Kelli, AZ
I did receive my ring and I love it soooooooooooooo much! I was taking my drink orders on a flight last night and a woman stopped me to tell me how amazing my ring is. I could only say “I know! Isn’t it?” People laugh when I tell them the name of your website, it’s one of those “Duh” moments…of course a ring like that…rings unique …should’ve guessed that. Thank you for my beautiful ring and wonderful customer service. I’m very happy to have such a unique ring that suits me so well, it was money well spent and I’m happy to pay people who deserve it, for their craftsmanship as well as kindness. You really were the first place I found that didn’t remind me of a used car dealership stereotype; your company was quite the opposite end of the spectrum. Thank you again and again!

Hunter, TX
Thanks so much for overnighting the rings, on a Saturday no less! The rings turned out beautiful, we are extremely happy with them. Thank you so much for assisting us; your customer service has been top notch!

Lo, NV
Your art work is awesome. I am looking for a very unique wedding ring and I think I have found it!

Matt, TX
I was out of town over the weekend, but yesterday I was able to check my mail. My ring is in, and I love it!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is an amazing piece of art and it will be forever apart of my life. You and your staff are the best!!!

Tom, IN
Got the Textures 2 ring this morning and I love it! Fits perfectly and it’s exactly what I thought it would be. Thank you very much and I wish you the best!

Laurie, ME
I am GRINNING. Ring is gorgeous & fits perfectly. You are a genius!

Chet, WA
Hope are well. We got the rings and she absolutely adores it! She loves it and everything went very well. If you guys want me to author any type of review for your service and work, I would certainly do that. We thank you very much!!!

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