Diamond Options Here

DIAMONDS and DESIGN should be balanced for beauty, uniqueness and durability of the ring over decades.

Rings Unique invites you to a world of creative design, perfect craftsmanship and excellence in custom-made rings where a diamond or gemstone is part of a total ring sculpture, not the dominating centerpiece. All aspects of the ring must work together for ultimate beauty and lasting durability resulting in a unique diamond ring.

Too many ultimate designer engagement rings today have very unstable designs with diamonds embedded in prongs and shanks that belie durability over the decades.

Rings Unique also emphasizes bridal wedding sets, where the engagement ring and wedding band complement each other perfectly and matching his and her wedding rings, where designs and metals for two people match.

All ring shoppers should know the 4 C’s of diamonds:

  • Carat Weight
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut.

To these, let us add a 5th and 6th C:

  • Cost and Confidence!

Let’s get started!

1. Carat Weight: This refers to the total weight of the stone. A 1.00ct. diamond (about 6.5mm in diameter) is 100 points; a ½ct. diamond (about 5.2mm in diameter) is 50 points.

2. Color: This refers to the lack of color of a diamond. Industry ratings start with D, perfect and rare, and go all the way down the alphabet. We emphasize E-F-G, colorless, highly desirable yet nicely affordable.

3. Clarity: This refers to the type, location and degree of inclusions in or on a diamond. Let’s face it, diamonds have inclusions–the question is where and how visible. We emphasize ratings where inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

4. Cut: This refers to the shape of the diamond (round, square, radiant, cushion, oval, etc.) and its proportions of length, width, depth and its finish. This is the least appreciated basic of a diamond because its proportions, finish and balance produce the diamond’s sparkle and fire. We try to use industry ratings of Signature Ideal, Tolkowsky Ideal,  Excellent Ideal, and Hearts & Arrows for our diamonds.

5. Cost: Buy what you can afford. Going into debt for a diamond is never worth it.

6. Confidence: Have genuine trust in the retailer selling you a diamond.

If your ring requires a diamond, we will be happy to search for at least 3 stones and give you quotes. At your request, we will also search for other precious stones on your behalf, including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, zircons, or others. Our gemstone suppliers are members of AGTA and are regarded among the best in the USA.

Frequently, we are asked to re-mount, re-set or re-purpose a diamond or other gemstone in a fresh new design. Yes, we do this…with loving care. Since your treasured stone is handled only by the artist, not by many hands in a large factory, you are assured of total confidence and security throughout the entire process. Ask to see some recent re-mounted diamonds.

FAQs about diamonds:

1. How does Rings Unique select diamonds? We have many trustworthy sources for conflict free diamonds. Our goal is to insist on the finest in color, clarity, proportion and pricing within your budget.

2. How do I purchase a diamond from Rings Unique? First, decide the setting. Second, we will discuss with you the size of the stone, what is recommended…what is the biggest or the smallest. Then, we discuss your preferences and budget.

3. Is a Rings Unique diamond better than another one I might buy elsewhere? Possibly, but it depends on the characteristics of the stone in comparison. Please discuss with us the details about a stone you have seen elsewhere. We will advise you to buy it if it is better than one we can source.

4. How do I know the quality of a Rings Unique diamond?

  • First, our gemologists evaluate and critique the selection of diamonds offered.
  • Second, we have many sources for diamonds, not only permitting a wide variety of choices but also creating a competitive tension among our sources to provide us the very best.
  • Third, we work closely with our artisans to establish the parameters for the optimal look of the design you have chosen–our artisans will not set a sub-standard diamond in an exquisite design.
  • Fourth, once you have decided the diamond that meets your needs, we will fax or send you a copy of the diamond’s laboratory certificate.
  • Fifth, our diamonds follow a chain of authenticity to make sure the diamond you purchased is the diamond you get. Remember, we work with small independent and trustworthy jewelry artisans in small studios, not large manufacturing factories where a diamond touches many hands.

5. How do I know that the price from Rings Unique is the best price? Diamond pricing is extremely confusing. It is important to make sure that prices are compared against nearly identical stones. Rings Unique has very specific selection criteria in color, clarity and especially cut and proportion. We try to source the best of the best.

6. Will I see my diamond before it is set? Probably not, unless you want to buy the diamond first and pay for its shipping back and forth. However, Rings Unique can send a video of the diamond and copy of its certificate.

7. Why should I purchase a diamond through Rings Unique and not elsewhere? We believe this answer is simple: knowledge, convenience, price and trust. Remember the 6th C above? Confidence!