Artistic Wedding Rings Crafted with Intricate Designs Diamonds and Gemstones

Contemporary Designs in Wedding Rings-Modern Art to Wear
August 30, 2010
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Unique wedding rings and engagement rings are showcased in amazing diversity and beauty in this collection of intaglio* style unique rings in gold, platinum or palladium. Tiny faceted diamonds add sparkle and brilliance to the wedding ring design.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night (above)  inspired the design in collection #1, while Garden Gate in #4 and #9 reflects work by Monet.

Wind and Wave in #7 and #8 is for those who love the grace and beauty of the sea and the Wide Wave in #10 is represents the 19th Century woodblock print by famed Japanese artist Hokusai shown here.

With this collection, many couples discover the perfect expression of themselves and their own unique relationship with hers/his matching wedding rings.

*Intaglio means an incised or carved image, the opposite of cameo, the raised carving of an image. Some of the design is achieved in casting process but each ring requires many hours of hand detailing curves, lines and folds to accomplish the perfection required of a finished custom ring. Tiny diamonds are each hand set in their own perfect bezel with a bead of gold drawn over an edge, a snug fit for everlasting durability.

Starry Night Set 14k Gold