Forged Damascus Rings from Re-Cycled Iron and Steel

Unique Imaginative Rings with Leaves and Branches, Organic Rings Inspired by Nature
September 6, 2010
Hammer Texture Rings, Wedding Rings for Men and Women
August 12, 2012
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Some Damascus steel rings are simply made from a tubular billet of two colors of extruded stainless steel. These are twisted and cut, rounded and polished for the final look. One of a kind, yes, but produced in fast steps. But these totally forged rings are folded in a flat billet like mokume gane, a process of over 20 steps, most of the time spend in front of a hot furnace...blacksmithing actually. The result is a fluid look, so graceful. The result is a one-of-a-kind unique ring, a work of art, durable for a lifetime. Both men and women love these unique rings and matching rings, actually mirror images of each other, are possible.

Like treasure hunters, we are always in search of creative adaptations of historic techniques and metals in unique wedding rings. This collection of completely hand-forged metals is an exciting find. We are pleased to showcase here. The fluid beauty of the metal belies the twenty forging steps required to fabricate multiple layers of recycled steel and iron metal with intense heat and hammering. This is very much like black smithing, in front of a hot furnace all day.

Forged Sea Floor

Surprises of diamonds, rubies gold dots along with organic filaments of 18k gold resembling seaweed are both artistic and fun.

These rings are adventurous and free spirited, unique one-of-a-kind for each ring. Mirror Image rings for couples are available, identical rings made from the same billet of folded metal, perfect for a union of two persons for a lifetime journey together.