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May 16, 2014
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May 18, 2014
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Since you follow the many updates we provide frequently showcasing of our unique wedding and engagement rings, you have seen some of the most amazing and awesome rings for women and men. Not only do we exhibit a wide and vast array of rings styles and options on these website pages, rings you will never find in a standard jewelry store, we also frequently work with customers who have fun and creative ideas about what they would like, a design your own ring feature of Rings Unique.
Such was the case on our last ring of the year 2013.
This was indeed a challenge presented by a local customer who had an idea for a truly unique engagement ring. He had sourced a specimen of “Moldavite” (link provided courtesy of Crystal Vaults, FL) then had it professionally cut into a round gemstone about the size of a 2.00ct. diamond. It was very well done.

Moldavite gemstone mounted on a meteorite engagement band.

Moldavite gemstone mounted on a meteorite engagement band.

Our challenge was to mount it on a meteorite ring to serve as an engagement ring combining two rare treasures, moldavite formed by the crashing on a meteor on the earth over 2 million years ago and a Gibeon meteorite band, crafted with a slice of the 4.5B year-old object that flamed into our atmosphere over 30,000 years ago.
At least 4 professional jewelers were involved with this project to produce an amazing ring. And, in so doing, a “Best of Class” award to this incredibly unique ring.
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