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August 2, 2014
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August 23, 2014
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Mokume Gane Mirror Image Rings is the best answer for ring shoppers looking for unique matching rings for their upcoming wedding. These days, it is becoming more common for couples to seek unique matching wedding rings that are artful and reflect their personality and relationship. Sometimes, the bride doesn’t have or even want an engagement ring. This is most often the case with mature couples who just want beautiful custom handcrafted rings.

Rings Unique showcases hundreds of styles that can be crafted to match in color of gold, design and additional details. Sometimes we add some pizzazz such as diamonds to the bride’s wedding ring if this is what she wants.

After viewing many gold or platinum rings as well as rings in “Alternate” metals, the couples’ eyes often turn to those “swirly” rings in the case, our collection of Mokume Gane rings by the master >George Sawyer. Then the fun begins with explaining how these are >made, the many color palettes available and then to the magical technique of making them in a Mirror Image where two slices from the same billet of gold or palladium metals is sliced into two segments for two rings, each one identical to the other, just like book-matched slices of wood.

Recently we helped Jane and Ray, a lovely couple in Texas, obtain their Mirror Image rings, each one 8mm wide and crafted from the same folded billet of 3 colors of gold plus etched copper.

Mirror Image Mokume Gane Rings 8mm wide

Mirror Image Mokume Gane Rings 8mm wide

This was a great experience and the couple loved their rings. The beauty and durability of Mokume Gane rings is unmatched, each ring changing over time with the life lived. These rings will be just as beautiful in 10 years with the deepening textures of their lives lived to the fullest.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.