Re-Setting a Diamond with a fresh new look!

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December 13, 2013
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May 16, 2014
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We are often asked to re-set an heirloom diamond in a new design, giving a second generation of life to an otherwise forgotten treasure. For us, it is a privilege to do so. We take great care in handling a diamond or gemstone because we know it has history and memory beyond compare.

Once, a woman from New Zealand sent us her Mother’s 1.00ct. diamond to use in her wedding and engagement rings. What an honor! Not only did we make an incomparable diamond ring, we also used some of the gold from the original ring to shape a special leaf in a perfect place on her new ring.

New look for a 3.00ct. diamond

New look for a 3.00ct. diamond

Here we have a large 3.00ct. diamond set in Eternity #1 design, 14k white gold. Shown surrounded by pebbles, this stunning engagement ring is a perfect representation of the beauty in nature, water gently flowing around a stone in a stream.
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