Unique Engagement Ring, Simple is often Better!

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June 11, 2014
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June 14, 2014
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Unique Engagement Ring, Simple is often Better!

Not all unique engagement rings for women need to be surrounded by diamonds or have diamonds on the shank, or have any modifications whatsoever.
Sometimes, less is more, just show off the center diamond in a plain white gold bezel on a band.
This was the case recently when we set a beautiful 1.00ct. diamond in a white gold ring….simple, organic, timeless and perfect. The donor diamond was of excellent quality with high grades in color and clarity, but it also had a beautiful cut and polish.

1,00ct. diamond set in 14k white gold-

1,00ct. diamond set in 14k white gold-Simplicity is Elegance

This lovely engagement ring will be paired later with a Meteorite wedding ring for the fiancee, also lined in white gold. The fiance will also have a Meteorite wedding ring. Hence, matching meteorite rings for the couple.
Here, we have the best of both worlds, the riches of the earth–gold and diamonds–combined with cosmic treasures from the heavens.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it Rings Unique