Unique Wedding Bands for Men-Meteorite with a Black Diamond

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September 23, 2014
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October 17, 2014
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Unique wedding bands for men have undergone a renaissance in recent years, to which we say “thank goodness.” Although many men still want a plain wedding band in gold or platinum which we offer, today’s innovative wedding rings for men now include Damascus steel, Mokume Gane, all manner of alternative metals and of special interest the dozens of variations www.ringsunique.com has made using Meteorite.
Yes, the Gibeon Meteorite is still the best cosmic material for a superior out-of-this-world ring because of the intricate pattern and its durability.
Here’s a new ring just completed with Gibeon Meteorite lined in Black Zirconium but with the added unique and pizzazz of a nice black diamond.

Meteorite lined in Black Zirconium 7mm wide with a 5pt. Black Diamond.

Meteorite lined in Black Zirconium 7mm wide with a 5pt. Black Diamond.

This is a big WOW.

The Meteorite rings are crafted with the authentic remains of the 4.5 billion year-old Gibeon meteorite which hit the African continent (now Namibia) about 30,000 years ago. While most of the Meteorite has been preserved for science, fragments are still being found today, hundreds of miles from the crater. Read more about this meteorite here.

Each ring has a lining and rails because it should not be worn naked on a finger. The random herringbone striations on the meteorite pattern are unique to each ring, having resulted from the meteor’s long journey through space and its very slow cooling, crystallizing the molten iron ore/nickel compound. So, each ring is one-of-a-kind.

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