Patterns Mokume Gane J Mix Princess Engagement Ring
October 30, 2014
Patterns Mokume Gane B Mirror Image
October 30, 2014
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Patterns Mokume Gane B Mix Mirror Image


Patterns Mokume Gane B Mix Mirror Image Rings for a Couple 6mm $3310 each.



Patterns Mokume Gane B Mix Mirror Image

Patterns Mokume Gane Connection  Band J Mix design is a very difficult method of crafting a ring. This is 14k white palladium gold and sterling silver. Mokume involves the layering of many slices of gold in a billet similar to making plywood. However the layers of metal are folded together to reveal many colors of metal on a singel ring. This remarkable method of crafting derives from the historic techniques of sword making in Eastern cultures. Each ring sculpture becomes a palette of beautiful patterned metalwork. Sculpture, patterns and color become a harmonious whole when symmetrical patterns accentuate the shape. Click here to see how these are made.

Rings Unique mokume is strictly “Edge Grain” mokume. This means the individual pattern lines you see on the surface of the mokume are actually the edges of ribbons of metal that are oriented at 90 degrees to the top surface. The inside edges of these ribbons are attached to the liner of the mokume. This means that the pattern you see on the top surface goes through the entire thickness of the mokume and cannot wear off.

This orientation of the pattern layers permits very high quality pattern work and a great deal of latitude in creating the graphic design of the pattern.