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July 20, 2013
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October 5, 2013
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Low-set diamond engagement rings are hard to find because the common look is the “Tiffany” style mountings where the diamond is placed high in prongs on an arched ring such that altogether the top of the gem is 8-15mm above the finger. This style can become a nuisance because it is easily hit against objects everyday, damaging the prong setting, and it also can snag clothing, purses, pockets or just about anything in its path.

In contrast, many of the diamonds or gemstones on Rings Unique are low set, cradled in a round or semi-round bezel setting, where the diamond becomes a graceful part of a ring sculpture, easy to wear and enjoy daily.

Lg. Diamond Low Set Eternity Collection

Lg. Diamond Low Set Eternity Collection

Large Diamond Low-Set 18k Yellow Gold-Eternity

This low set diamond ring was custom crafted by the “Eternity” ring artist for a prominent professional woman in Austin, TX in 18k yellow gold with both a polished and textured surface. It reminds me of water flowing around a pebble, graceful and organic. And, because it is low set, this lovely woman need not worry about it interfering with her myriad activities every day. And, her ring is the envy of her professional circle because it is so unique… miles away from ordinary.

What is your unique? Find it, design it and create it with Rings Unique.