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June 29, 2015
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September 28, 2015
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Alexandrite Engagement RingAlexandrite Combined RingUnique engagement ring transformed into a combined engagement-wedding ring.

Customarily, a woman’s wedding ring is a separate matching ring worn inside the engagement ring. Of course, many styles on show the beauty of matching bridal set ring styles for women.
But recently, a couple decided to enhance the original engagement ring with additional designs instead of adding a second ring.
The result is a masterful artful botanical style in 14k white gold and 14k rose gold berries with a center Alexandrite, a naturally color changing lovely gemstone.

This is the superior work of Constance Gildea, one of the top designer jewelers in America and a favorite of Rings Unique clients. This was not an easy project, the ring had to be completely re-made to securely add leaves and berries for lasting beauty. It is a masterpiece.

What a lovely solution to the client’s wishes, something only an artisan focused custom ring website could accomplish.

Graceful elegance in unique gold engagement and wedding rings is evident by this perfect craftsmanship. Each ring is a beautiful organic sculpture of leaves and branches. The flawless design in gold or platinum is breathtaking. How feminine, natural and impeccable. Hours of tedious carving and etching are necessary to shape and finish each detail and set the diamonds. These perfect rings are stunning when customized with colored stones. A simple glance at your beautiful ring will always brighten your day!

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