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Unique Handcrafted Wedding and Engagement Rings | Mens Wedding Bands

Welcome to Rings Unique, the unique handcrafted wedding and engagement rings specialty of Clarksville Gallery, Austin, TX, a national "Top Ten" retailer of American craft. We specialize in:

  • Unique and unusual handcrafted wedding rings for women and men;
  • Conflict free diamonds and natural gemstones+cultured diamonds and gemstones;
  • Custom made rings in eco-friendly precious metals--gold and platinum;
  • Alternative metals such as Gibeon Meteorite and Damascus Steel rings;
  • State of the art CAD to "Custom Design Your Own" engagement or wedding ring.
  • Mokume Gane by the world's master designer in this difficult technique


We differ from standard jewelry stores and websites because we present strictly unique and unusual rings by juried independent designer jewelers throughout America. No one else does this, hence we have totally unique rings.

Rings Unique creates rings with your uniqueness in mind. We welcome friendly conversation about what you want and how we can create the perfect ring just for you. We help couples around the world and respect the uniqueness of everyone, their relationships and their love for another. Yes, we ship worldwide!!

April 11, 2014 Update Mokume Gane Multicolor Ring from the Master

Once again we are thrilled to see the impeccable beauty of Mokume Gane, wood-grain style rings crafted in a billet of multi-color golds then hammered and folded back and forth many times to become a one-of-a-kind artful ring. The use of different colors and purities of gold permit a wide array of color palettes which are selected by the customer to reflect the best look on their finger. Of interest is that rings with these thin layers of gold appeal to many people and even to those persons who thought of just a plain white or yellow gold ring. They are suddenly swept into a new realm of beauty with waves of gold.

The "C" mix, 14k red, gray and yellow gold with sterling silver

The "C" mix, 14k red, gray and yellow gold with sterling silver

This ring was very special for a wonderful man at the conclusion of his treatment for a health issue. What a treat to celebrate the passing of an illness with the gift of a timeless ring that will be remembered forever as a turning point in his life. This is the special joy of assisting customers with their ring selections in our gallery, meeting them first hand, exchanging stories and talking about plans for the future.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

So, why should you order from Rings Unique?
First, we make perfect rings. Our unique wedding and engagement rings for a woman as well as our wedding bands for a man are made in a artist's small studio, not in a big manufacturing factory. We are possessed with perfection. We make rings by the ones, not by the thousands.
Second, we use the highest quality materials with no exception. Each ring is a work of art from start to finish. We make all rings by hand from the start to the finish only for the individual.
Third, most ordinary rings in a jewelry store or on other websites have much less weight in gold or platinum. Our rings are beefy with a large amount of a precious metal. Value and quality is evident. Our diamonds and gemstones are sourced from respected suppliers who work with small families or companies that share our passion for perfection as well as our eco-friendly respect for planet earth.
Fourth, we happily send rings from our case for an overnight look-see. This is a free service no one else offers to ease your anxiety but it does require a CC# to reserve the cost of the rings until returned.
Fifth, take a look at a fraction of the actual testimonials people have written. We are blessed with happy customers. For us, making a ring is an honor and privilege.
What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.
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