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This is Rings Unique, a seasoned website of unique custom made engagement and wedding rings in Austin, TX. With 20 years experience serving customers in our gallery and online, perhaps we can help you also.

We are solely focused on unique rings. By definition, unique means "unlike anything else." We are constantly striving to present innovative design, uncommon beauty and perfect craftsmanship.

But most importantly, what does UNIQUE mean to you? We believe a ring should reflect your unique.

In this website, we hope the hundreds of unique rings inspire and help you find...your own unique. We offer:

  • Unique Custom Made Engagement and Wedding Rings for Women

  • Awesome Custom Made Wedding Rings and Bands for Men

  • Meaningful Matching Custom Made Wedding Rings for Couples

  • Each ring is custom made new by one of our independent peer reviewed professional artisans.

Rings Unique strives for superior creativity, excellence in design and perfection in craftsmanship:

  • Unique engagement wedding rings and wedding bands for men in eco-friendly precious gold or platinum metals.
  • Diamonds and gemstones in superior quality, certified conflict free and hand selected to meet customer wishes.
  • Alternate metals such as Gibeon Meteorite, Damascus steel, and others.
  • Resetting your diamond or gemstone in a fresh look for a new life.

Be sure to visit our Pinterest boards for images of custom made rings. Also visit our Showcase Site to review a vast array of designs and options to meet any request.


Take a look at our factory

Diligent Craftsman at his workbench

Diligent Craftsman at his workbench

Fred Pearce taking a break for a smile, loves his work.

Fred Pearce taking a break for a smile, loves his work.

Meet Fred Pearce of Pearce Design in New Hampshire. Fred and Kate, a husband/wife team that represents the best of American craft jewelers, have been part of the Rings Unique network of independent professionals for over 20 years. These lovely people are the "Go-To" artisans for superior quality, innovative designs and fast turn around. Many of their seasoned peers regard Fred and Kate as pioneers in the USA's handcrafted jewelry design network, helping young aspiring professionals following the path they have blazed.
Don't see a factory?
Well, that's because there really isn't one, just a small solo studio that is virtually identical to many others across the country. This is how our designers work each day, one by one, to assist Rings Unique clients with the designs they have selected. In many respects, we are very old-fashioned, replicating a decades-old cottage industry when all things were handmade one-at-a-time, each one perfect, and signed by the craftsman as a product of their skill and imagination. This is a work ethic often lost in today's fast paced and rushed world. Rings Unique believes a ring, be it engagement or wedding, should be the result of creativity, experience and devotion to making each customer ring at a time.

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