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This is Rings Unique, the original website of unique engagement and wedding rings. With 20 years experience serving customers in our Austin, TX gallery and online, we look forward to creating the perfect ring for you.

UNIQUE means "unlike anything else."

But, what does UNIQUE means to you?

We present custom made rings we hope inspire you to find your own unique:

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Rings Unique achieves superior creativity, excellence in design and perfection in craftsmanship. We feature eco-friendly precious gold or platinum metals, diamonds and gemstones certified conflict free and hand selected to meet customer wishes, alternate metals such as Gibeon Meteorite and Damascus steel.

We love to re-set diamonds.

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Unique Engagement Ring-Custom Design

Many couples want immediate gratification when it comes to an engagement ring. The offerings at countless jewelry stores, local independents and national chains, have thousands of designs ready to present that same day. Just get it sized and pop in a diamond, bingo, easy peasy. If this is your desire, can it get any better?

Well, in our opinion, YES! It can get much much better because these days you can design your own custom ring with less hassle than ever before.  Rings Unique offers custom sketches by designer artisans as well as CAD (Computer Aided Design) images.

A custom designed engagement ring means so much more than a common mass produced ring. Surprisingly, it is easier, faster and often less expensive to develop and create your perfect unique engagement ring.

A CAD design can produce exceptionally elegant designs with many options to amaze. The hardest part may be deciding from the many alternatives available.

Here is a CAD concept that was one of about half a dozen that captured this gentleman's fancy. His name is Andrew. Just to be sure, he also ran the designs by his future fiancee, Kristen, for a blink but did not finalize it with her.

CAD Design Engagement Ring

CAD Design Engagement Ring

His choice was exquisite. An art deco design with vintage details, the white gold ring featured detailed scroll work and natural deep blue sapphires on the shank. There is a secret blue aquamarine in the arch, just below the center stone. The center stone is an 8mm X 6mm brilliant white sapphire at 1.77ct.

Final CAD Designed Engagement Ring

Final CAD Designed Engagement Ring

Kristen and Andrew

Kristen and Andrew

What an amazing ring, and according to the couple: "it's perfect, beautiful, perfectly her, the nicest and prettiest thing she's ever had..."

With this kind of happiness from a custom design, why would anyone grab a common ring out of a case?

From initial contact to finished ring, it took just 30 days.

What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

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