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Welcome to Rings Unique, Austin, Texas.

Unique Engagement Wedding Rings Mens Wedding Bands Custom Made in the USA

Our mission is unique and unusual engagement rings, wedding rings, and mens wedding bands, custom made in the USA. We make rings by the ones for each individual, not by the thousands for the masses.

We are in Austin TX, America's creative hub for all things unique and unusual.

Rings Unique strives for superior creativity, excellence in design and perfection in craftsmanship. As conscientious artists, we are avid about eco-friendly and ethical sources of gemstones and metals.

  • Custom handcrafted engagement and wedding rings in gold or platinum.
  • Diamonds and gemstones of any color and detail, natural or cultured.
  • Alternate metals such as Meteorite, Damascus stainless steel, and others.
  • Reset your diamond or gemstone in a fresh new look for a second life.

Rings Unique believes that rings are special, personal and intimate, created with your uniqueness in mind. This is why we welcome friendly conversation between us about what you like, would like changed and how we can create the perfect ring just for you.

July 12, 2014 Update
Five easy steps to design a unique engagement ring for a woman

Determine her Unique. With all the mass produced rings sold by the big boxes and chains, what should be a precious moment in a guy's life, presenting a unique engagement ring to the love of his life, is simply copying what is already out. What is unique or special about this? And yet, an engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry she will ever wear. And, it will be worn daily, unlike anything else in her wardrobe or jewelry box. And she wants it to be stunning, a reflection of you and your love and, of course, the envy of her circle of friends and co-workers.
Make it unique. Design it to reflect her personality and style. Imagine her reaction when you slip it on for the first time?
Does "unique" depend on the size of the diamond? Of course not. But, unique does depend on your imagination and effort to understand her and be creative for her.
Thankfully, it is much easier today than ever before to select designs and provide your own input into the details of a unique engagement ring. Rings Unique does this all the time. Rings Unique will work with you to make your engagement ring special, and that moment of presenting it will be unforgettable as well, a memory for a lifetime.

The designer handcrafted rings on offer hundreds of designs that are splendid. And most can be modified. It is easy to change a diamond to a sapphire, yellow gold to white gold or platinum, even have three colors of gold in the ring. We can change a gemstone setting from a prong style to a semi-bezel, or create a low-set diamond that works well for an active woman. Rings Unique happily provides sketches of your ideas or in some cases a wax or resin model to view first hand.

In addition to our designer custom rings, Rings Unique also offers computer aided design (CAD) which can adapt hundreds of design ideas to the perfect ring for you. With your imagination, our design capability on the world's most robust computer design platform, and the ease of emails back and forth, we can help you design and create the perfect ring for you.

Step 1. Select the Center diamond or gemstone. Then affirm the shape you want. This refers to round, square (princess cut), rectangle (emerald cut), radiant oval or cushion cut plus a few others. The standard gemstone is a round diamond but we also set round sapphires and rubies. We also use light blue gemstones such as aquamarines, blue zircons and a few others. Yellow or green are also fun colors for a unique center gemstone. For purple, we recommend a purple sapphire over an amethyst for better durability. For design purposes, the shape of the gemstone is the most important element because it leads to other design choices.
To re-cap, select the center stone, type-shape-color. Next we will concentrate on the unique engagement ring setting.

Step 2. Select the most ideal setting. Today’s most popular choice is a halo, a circle of diamonds all around the center gemstone. These can be a single, double or triple halo, easy to do. For our design here, we are going depart from the common halo by selecting a three-stone ring where the centerpiece is an oval diamond, about 1.00ct. The metal we are going to use is 14k white gold for the setting (head). We then have a choice of using white gold for the entire shank (the band) or change to a different color of gold. Notice that the center stone is a nice oval diamond and 4mm round diamonds are set on the sides. This three-stone setting design offers a low profile, perfect for an active woman and many opportunities for creativity.

Sept 1, the three stone ring.

Sept 2, the three stone ring.

Step 3. Select unique details to really make your ring unique. With this basic design, you could have some fun with gemstones on the side. You could select sapphires in a rainbow of colors, most persons would select blue but you could also choose pink or yellow. You could also select her birthstone, many websites detail these.
But, for this demo, we are going to select something a bit more unusual and unique for an engagement ring…an alexandrite, the birthstone for June. Alexandrites are multi-hued gemstones which reveal many different colors depending on the light surrounding the ring. Generally, there is an initial green to blue color with purple, red and fuschia overtones. Alexandrite has very rare color-change in a gemstone. Originally discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1830s, it’s now found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil, but fine material is exceptionally rare and valuable, sometimes more expensive than diamonds. Here’s how this would look.

Step 2, three stone ring with alexandrites.

Step 3, three stone ring with alexandrites.

Step 4. Confirm her finger size. This unique engagement ring could be your final selection and with the proper finger size, we could get started. But for additional uniqueness, we are going to change the color of the shank to 14k rose gold, a seldom used but beautiful soft feminine color on a woman’s finger.

Step 3, three stone ring with a white gold head and rose gold band.

Step 4, three stone ring with a white gold head and rose gold band.

Step 5. Final considerationsand order. Once again, the above ring could be the final look for a unique engagement ring, so pretty and unusual, a treasure to look at every day for a lifetime. But, there is one additional option, the color of the setting. This could be rose gold as well. This picture shows this version, lovely.

Step 4, three stone ring in all rose gold.

Step 5, three stone ring in all rose gold.

So, designing your own engagement ring is not difficult at all. Your imagination and conversation with Rings Unique is all it takes to begin this fun journey that will culminate in a one-of-a-kind unique engagement ring for the love of your life. Your extra effort designing her ring will be so appreciated when given and every day forward. You can always say, “I designed it just for you.”

Hence we stress the question, what is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique.

So, why order an engagement or wedding ring from Rings Unique?
To us, rings are art. They are personal. They are special. And nothing is as gratifying as the happiness in a couple's eyes when they slip on their rings for the first time. A perfect fit, a perfect look, a perfect expression of themselves and their love. Reviews of our handmade rings.

What makes Rings Unique different?

  • First, all of our wedding rings are skillfully designed and custom-made new one-at-a-time by skilled independent professional artisans. Nothing is pulled off the shelf from old stock. So when we say custom wedding bands and handmade rings, we mean it. Your ring is new original work made only for you.
  • Second, each custom-made wedding or engagement ring is special ordered in the exact size and metal combination you chose. Rings are crafted to your specifications in 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold, platinum, palladium and even in 4 billion year-old Meteorite and Damascus forged stainless steel. We also offer alternative “Performance” metals in titanium, cobalt chrome and black zirconium.
  • Third, every detail of your order is exact, every request is met, and every expectation is surpassed. Precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and others are available.
  • Fourth, we offer custom design using sketches or wax models before crafting to meet the specific needs and desires of couples who want a one-of-a-kind wedding ring or custom wedding band sculpted to their own vision.
  • Fifth, if you are unsure of ordering online and want to see the ring firsthand, we can often send a ring out of our case or provide sketches or wax models.

You probably have never been to a site like this.
First, everything is unique.

Second, there is absolutely no pressure, no overload, no click and buy button, no sameness and no excessive bling. For us, design and craftsmanship are supreme, not the size of a diamond.

Third, every ring ordered is completely custom made, not pulled off the back shelf and resized.

We want you to take your time, relax and enjoy the pleasing beauty of the photography and happy couples, visit our various unique ring collections by a different artists, and read about the work and its inspiration. Above all, imagine yourself wearing the lovely or handsome ring that best reflects your personality and life spirit. We believe a ring should be about you, your uniqueness as a person, it should make you smile, and make you happy each time you see it.

With Rings Unique, each ring is perfectly custom made from scratch by a solo designer jeweler in the US. We do not work with factories where anonymous workers mass produce every item, nor do we carry any imported jewelry.

We work exclusively with very special professional talented artists who dedicate their lives and profession to the art of creating beauty. We also specialize in sources of metals and stones that are harvested or created in harmony with our sacred earth.

For us, it is a supreme privilege and honor to make your ring. We value the trust you place in us.We invite your questions, ideas for customization or special features. Requests for quotes or ideas are handled quickly with confidence. Whether it takes one hour, one day a month or year to decide on your ring, we will be with you all the way.

Rings Unique has a selection that is affordable for any budget. From $100s to $1000s, we have beautiful, unique and custom-made rings to suit any budget. There is a unique ring for everyone. We will help you find it, design it and create it.


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