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Your wedding ring is a deeply personal and visible symbol of the love you have for another. Your wedding ring should be special and unique, totally reflecting your relationship.

At Rings Unique, we promise is to make your wedding or engagement ring only for you. We achieve perfection each and every time.

We Specialize In

  • Unique diamond engagement rings-all styles
  • Matching wedding rings for all couples
  • Bold and awesome wedding bands for men
  • Design-Your-Own rings with diamonds
  • Custom rings affordable for any budget

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Why Us?

Question: With so many ring designers, websites and shops out there, why choose Rings Unique? Answer: We have 20 years experience with a storefront and web orders from all over the world. We want each customer to be supremely satisfied. Read some of our customer comments here. We believe a ring is more than a piece of jewelry; it is a representation of your journey together. The ups and downs, the  joys and celebrations, the challenges overcome–we want you to have the symbol of your love that is exclusively yours.

The rings we offer include:

  • Custom rings designed to your wishes
  • Matching rings for couples
  • Wedding bands for men and women
  • Unique engagement rings for women

We allow our customers to express their thoughts and creative wishes on how they would like their rings to look. Don’t settle for a generic mass produced wedding or engagement ring. The love you share is unique and personal; therefore, the ring you put on each other’s finger should represent that. You can trust Rings Unique to make your symbol of enduring love.

Meteorite Ring Gold

Rings Unique has specialized in designing and creating meteorite wedding rings for men and women for over 10 years. We use the Gibeon Meteorite, which is confirmed as the most stunning, complex and visually breathtaking of all meteorites. This iron ore projectile hit the earth over 30,000 years ago in Africa. Today supplies of fragments are very limited. Act now to reserve your piece of the cosmos. Linings are available in precious metals and alternative metals.

See more Meteorite rings here.

Meteorite 14k white gold
Meteorite 14k white gold

“I contacted Tom at Rings Unique about a request for a custom made eternity ring for my Husband which I wanted for our 10th Wedding anniversary. I’m based in New Zealand, Tom was very quick to get back pricing and details. Tom made sure that the ring was sent through an expedited shipping. My husband David and I were both thrilled in the end product and he has commented on how comfortable the ring is to wear. Thank you to Tom and his team of artisans for helping us to be able to express our love for someone through a ring that is truly unique.”


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