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Custom Wedding Rings

The ring you wear is a symbol of the love you have for each other.  This is why a ring should be special and unique, created exclusively for you. Our passion and promise to you is to craft a strictly custom ring from scratch by one of our peer-reviewed professional American artisans. We guarantee a perfect ring with the highest quality made to your specific wishes, a custom made ring for you, a symbol of love that is uniquely yours.

Why Rings Unique?

Question: with so many ring designers, websites and shops out there, why us? Answer: with 20 years experience, Rings Unique understands that every hand and heart are unique. To us, a ring is more than a piece of jewelry…it represents your journey together, the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the joys and celebrations over the years. We promise to make you happy with your unique custom ring. Read a few of our client comments here.

We Offer

Custom rings completely handcrafted to your specifications

Matching rings for couples

Unusual wedding rings for men and women

Design-Your-Own engagement rings for women

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Contact us today if you want a custom engagement ring or wedding ring. Our promise is to create the perfect ring for you.

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