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This is Rings Unique, Austin, TX, the top website of unique custom made engagement and wedding rings.

Our Specialties:

  • Unique Engagement and Wedding Rings for Women

  • Awesome Wedding Rings and Bands for Men

  • Creative Meaningful Matching Wedding Rings for Couples

Rings Unique features strictly unique, unusual and non-traditional custom made engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding bands for men. Each ring is handcrafted only for the individual in the style and metals chosen. Each ring is custom made new for the individual. Our independent designer jewelers in the USA are peer-reviewed as having the highest quality in the profession.

Rings Unique strives for superior creativity, excellence in design and perfection in craftsmanship:

  • Unique engagement wedding rings and wedding bands for men in gold or platinum.
  • Diamonds and gemstones in superior quality, certified conflict free.
  • Alternate metals such as Gibeon Meteorite, Damascus steel, and others.
  • Resetting your diamond or gemstone in a fresh look for a new life.

Unique engagement, wedding rings and wedding bands for men are our specialty and passion. We believe your ring is special, personal and intimate, created with your uniqueness in mind. This is why we welcome friendly conversation between us about what you like, would like changed and how we can create the perfect ring just for you.

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We ship worldwide! Enjoy the hundreds of unique rings here.

Just completed, a masterful and unique engagement ring!

Unique Engagement Ring in a two-tone setting, gemstone is a Diaspore (aka Zultanite).

Unique Engagement Ring in a two-tone setting, gemstone is a Diaspore (aka Zultanite).

Does a unique engagement ring always need to have a diamond? Of course not. Today's modern couples are searching for gemstones and designs that set a unique engagement ring apart from the countless others that have the same common looks, bling and more bling. Today, simple is superior, a clear statement that "I am unique" and my ring is a custom design to reflect who I am.
This amazing engagement ring is a perfect example of an unusual gemstone set high in a channel, softly floating for total visibility, far above ordinary. The gemstone is a "Diaspore" or newly named Zultanite. It is a rare color changing gemstone that will appear pinkish in certain light, yellow to orangish in another. The ring itself is two tone in 14k rose gold and 18k yellow gold, masterfully crafted. We ask and answer this important question: "What is your unique? Find it. Design it. Create it with Rings Unique."

What makes Rings Unique different?

  • First, all of our wedding rings are skillfully designed and custom-made new one-at-a-time by skilled independent professional artisans.
  • Second, each custom-made wedding or engagement ring is ordered in the exact size and metal combination you chose. We use 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold, platinum, palladium and even 4 billion year-old Meteorite and Damascus forged stainless steel. We also offer alternative “Performance” metals in titanium, cobalt chrome and black zirconium.
  • Third, every detail of your order is exact, every request is met, and every expectation is surpassed. Precious and semi-precious conflict-free gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and others are available.
  • Fourth, we offer custom design using sketches, CAD images or wax models before crafting to meet the specific custom wishes of customers.
  • Fifth, we work with you all the way in a friendly highly competent and consultative manner to assure you get the ring of your dreams, made only for you.

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