Unique Engagement Wedding Rings

Are you looking for high-quality unique engagement rings and wedding rings? Rings Unique has the experience and expertise to provide you with custom unique rings for your special occasion.

Custom Wedding Rings

The ring you wear is a symbol of the love you have for each other.  This is why it should be truly special and unique, created exclusively for you. Rings Unique specializes in creating these symbolic unique rings.

We use the highest quality materials for the engagement rings and wedding rings we create. Matching rings, desired by many, are a longtime specialty of ours. These exclusive rings share the same design and harmony, representing the bond you share.

Why Rings Unique?

With so many ring designers, websites and shops out there, why should you choose us? Answer: Rings Unique is very different because we believe a ring is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a representation of your journey together: the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the joys and celebrations over the years. We want you to have your personalized symbol of love that is uniquely yours.

The rings we offer include:

We encourage you, our customer, to express your thoughts and creative wishes on how you would like your rings to look. The special person in your life deserves more than a generic engagement or wedding ring. The love you share is unique and personal, therefore, the ring you put on each other’s finger must represent that. We will work with you to create a beautiful ring that both of you will cherish.

Contact us today if you want a custom engagement ring or wedding ring. Our promise is to create the perfect ring for you.

We serve clients across the world. Let us serve you. Live in Central Texas or looking for wedding rings Austin? Call or Text for a private appointment: 512-589-4465.

Our Clients Said:

blue diamond
Blue Diamond Meteorite Engagement Ring

Sam and Rebecca:

Hi Tom,

I am more than pleased with the ring! It turned out perfect, and above all she loved it! I’m very thankful for your help and service in making this a very special time for both of us.

Thanks again, Sam



Tom, thank you for your very kind words about us in your blog.  We love our rings and still think they are the most perfect ones in the world for us, thanks to you and the artists whom you work with.  When Serge and I read the blog it does bring back those special memories, and we remember all over again how blessed we are to have found happiness with each other and discovered so many wonderful people who have become a part of that, like you! :)

I am happy and proud to refer folks to your business because we just love it and feel they will too!


Tom!!!  Oh my gosh!!!!  We got the ring today, and this is just too wonderful! I opened it up right there at the counter in the post office, and all the girls at the desk were passing it around!  Everyone was just blown away by how beautiful it is!  Then I went out to the car where Joey was waiting for me, and you should have seen the look on his face!!  He was just floored. It was so great. It was so special. The first thing he said was, “…WOW…. that is some serious craftsmanship!!!  That is the BEST looking men’s wedding band I have EVER seen!!”

Doug and Karen:

I want to say thank you for all of your help in this process of obtaining a ring for the love of my life.  I attached some pictures which I hope you’ll enjoy, especially since we had to rush things straight from the artist to me, and you didn’t get to see the finished product of this custom work.  Thank you so much for being flexible with the date I planned for a proposal.  I really appreciate the extra effort that took.

My fiancee thinks the ring is beautiful, and I am so pleased, as well. The diamond you found is as beautiful as you said.

Thanks again.  If you treat all your customers as you have treated me, then the people who buy from you really are family.  Rings Unique is the best.