About Us

Unique wedding rings and custom engagement rings: The long-time specialty focus of Austin’s legendary upscale 35-year fine craft retailer, Clarksville Gallery, voted a “Top Ten” Retailer of Fine Craft in America.

What Makes Rings Unique Different?

First. All our rings are designed and custom-made new by professional American artists and studios. Nothing is pulled off the shelf from old stock. All rings are Made in America and we are passionate about eco-friendly sources of metals and gems. So when we say custom wedding bands and handmade rings, we mean it. Your ring is an original work of art made only for you.

Second. Each ring is special ordered with your chosen metal and gem combination. Rings are crafted to your exact specifications in 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold, platinum, palladium and even in 4 billion year-old Meteorite and Damascus forged steel. We also offer alternative new age metals in Titanium, Cobalt Chrome and Black Zirconium.

Third. Every detail of your order is exactingly met, including the highest quality diamonds and gems you specify for your budget. The full variety of precious and semi-precious stones, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and many others, are available to you. Rings Unique will consult with you about every detail of your request for diamonds and precious gems.

Fourth. We are a diamond and gem advocate for you. Searching for the right diamond or gemstone can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why our expert knowledge will match your ring selection with a perfect diamond or gem within your budget. We will also happily use your stone whether new or heirloom in the design of your choice. We often create a new design for a cherished diamond or craft a ring especially to honor the memory of a diamond presented and loved years ago.

Fifth. We offer custom design sketches, CAD designs or wax models before crafting. Your ring is a realization of your vision. We will work together on the design you imagine, helping all the way with all resources to help visualize the ring of your dreams.

Sixth. Sometimes we can send a ring example for an overnight viewing if it is available. We offer this service for customers who want to view the ring first. This is a free service if you order a ring from us. Otherwise, it is $75 for insured shipping and handling.